I am embarking on a low-buy year in 2019 and am super stoked to be in the great company of so many other fellow beauty lovers. This post marks the launch of my low-buy as well as spells out my self-imposed rules, which are actually only a handful.

I would like to mention that a few of my really kick ass pals are going into a no-buy which is amazing. I definitely have to tip my hat off to those of you that have the capacity within you to go the more courageous route, as I see it. As for me, I decided the best way to really conquer my shopping habit without setting myself up for failure, is by going the low-buy route. I do wish I had it in me to go cold-turkey, but I see that as a for sure road to failure and I really want this to work for me in the long run and not as a temporary fix. 

For me, this low-buy year is not about just saving money or even about not buying makeup. I want to change my shopping habits, I want to be smarter about where I spend my money and I want to stop ignoring my incredible collection because I am buying too much. And - while I still plan on shopping for makeup, I want to be incredibly picky with what I will from now on add to my collection. No more junk products that will sit unused, no more buying things because they were on sale. Every purchase from now on has to be well thought out, planned (for the most part) and something I don't already have a million of.

At the end of 2019, I don't want to be the person I turned into the past years- I don't want to run and buy a palette I don't even like because Youtube told me I need it, or the person who has to have every new palette first for no known reason, or the person who spends thousands of dollars but doesn't use even half of what she buys. From 2019 forward, I want to control how I spend my money, and I want to enjoy my already incredible collection.

As individuals we're each going into this low/no buy year for a myriad of reasons: 
  • Some of us want to enjoy our current collections more.
  • Some of us want to stop spending so much on makeup.
  • Some of us want to stop buying so much makeup that we then don't use because we're busy moving on to the next, hot-new thing. 
  • Some of us want to do something else with those hundreds of dollars we now spend on makeup, a friend is redecorating her room and will instead use her money for that. 
  • Some of us want to completely overhaul our shopping habits, reset the way we spend, what we buy and just become more conscientious about how we are spending our hard-earned money
  • Some of us want to stop this obsession that has become the beauty community, where you have to have every single launch because it's all so "amazing" - aka makeup hoarders.

And - just like we're all taking this journey for different reasons, each of us is setting our own rules for our low/no buy. My only suggestion when setting these rules for yourself would be to set rules that you can follow, in other words, don't set yourself up to fail.


BUDGET: $40 per month in cash, this will be a roll-over budget, meaning I can roll over any balance left from one month to the next so I can save up for larger purchases or simply save my money. 

Gift giving: I can shop for beauty gifts for friends, family, etc.

Gift receiving: I can only receive gifts in the form of beauty products on birthdays or holidays. This rule is to keep me from asking my kids or boyfriend for random beauty gifts as I tend to do. I can only receive gifts on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, my birthday and Christmas. 

Purchases: There are no rules as to what products I can buy. As long as a product fits into the confines of my budget, I am allowed to buy it. This is where I will have to re-learn to save for those big-ticket items, not being able to just charge an $80 palette to my credit card or order blindly without worrying about the cost. 

I think it will be interesting to see how I deal with this budget. Will I go hog wild at the drugstore and spend my monthly budget on smaller more affordable items, or will I save my coins and buy that big, sparkly Natasha Denona launch? We will see! I am actually pretty curious to see how that will play out as well.

I will keep a running tally of my monthly purchases, balance left over, along with an end-of-month post sharing all my purchases here on the blog and my highlights on Instagram. I will also be creating wish lists and sharing Would I Buy It posts along the way.

As the low-buy looms closer I just want to say that I am truly excited for the journey and excited to know that my collection will no longer be that, a collection. It's now going to be the makeup that I actually use, and love and finish up!

Onward and upwards, let's get this show on the road. Feel free to join us!

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