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Natasha Denona Mini Star Palette (Amended)

I did get the Natasha Denona Star Palette when it first launched as a holiday gift  from one of my girls. In the end, the price of the palette was too high to justify all of the glitter fall-out and how a few of the shades were too similar in tone. To-date, that is the most expensive palette I have ever owned and while some of my issues with it might have been inexperience, it just wasn't worth it's exorbitant price. I ended up returning it but I never forgot certain shades in the palette like Orion and Atik.

That's why I was so excited when Natasha announced the Mini Star Palette and that this mini version would actually include existing shades from the large version, including my two favorites. Yay!

So I excitedly ordered the Natasha Denona Mini Star Palette on launch day and was in love with it from the moment I laid eyes on it. What a perfectly curated little palette. This is the first Natasha Denona mini that has all shades that I absolutely love and the miniature size is just so darn adorable. 

But after a week's use I must admit to not being as in love with the Natasha Denona Mini Star Palette's performance as I am with the look of the palette. While the two matte shades are super solid performers, the duochrome, metallic and crystal shades performed poorly on my dryer more textured eyelids. 

Here's a quick run-through of each shade's performance:

Orion - a beautiful duo chrome that looks incredible in the pan, especially when you move the palette around and the blue shift really comes through. However, I was never able to get that payoff on my lids or the blue shift to really show up, no matter how much I applied. This shade was just too hard to apply for me, gave me tons of texture, none of the duo-chrome shift and just looked awful on my lids. This is my least favorite shade in the palette, and it was the one I was most excited for. 

Atik - If I had to describe this shade in one word it would be "glorious". Atik is a beautiful nude matte shade that I would immediately buy in a full-sized single if available. Not only is this shade really nicely pigmented, it's the perfect transition or all over-lid shade. It actually goes on the skin darker than what it looks like in the pan and practically blends itself. Atik is utter perfection.

Bellatrix - this nude metallic shade is truly beautiful, but again, harder to pick up with a brush or finger but of the three shimmers it was definitely the best performing for me overall. This is truly a beautiful shade that I could see being a go-to for many, it's super flattering and very pretty once you get it on the eyes. 

Earth - a dark brown matte shade, that again is about as perfect as a matte can be. I love how this darker shade blends with zero patchiness and none of that extra effort many dark browns tend to need. I love how it works in tandem with Atik and how they make a perfect gradient when bending them together, while each still maintains their integrity, meaning they don't muddy up into each other. Again, another perfect matte shade that I would buy in a single if available. 

Cosmo : a sparkling golden olive shade that is right up my alley! I was so excited when I first swatched the palette, I had originally thought I was most excited for Orion but when I saw this shade I fell in love. I don't even remember it from the large Star Palette honestly, but right now I am all about every shade of green and this is SO pretty! However, this was so hard to make work on my lids - it would not stick to my lids, using a damp brush only made me get tons of texture and while a sponge tip applicator packed it on nicer, it still looks a bit too dry and textured for my liking. 

I do own other Natasha Denona palettes including the Sunset Palette, the Mini Sunset and two 5-pan palettes. I am starting to believe that the mini palettes will never be as good as the larger ones, which doesn't necessarily  have to be a deal breaker. For the price differece I don't need the same amazing quality, but I still expect it to be good. But if I can't adhere the metallics on my lid, if the pigment stays stuck to my finger and I get so much texture instead, then this palette is not a match for me.

I did use this palette a full week and I am in love with the mattes. But as much I like the shade Cosmo and as pretty as the looks I created with it were, it's too much work. I did try using a sponge tip applicator - as a friend suggested on IG - but even that didn't do the trick for Orion. So I can keep the palette for the glorious mattes and two metallic/chrystal shades that are okay. But if I did I don't think I would ever reach for any shades but the mattes, and those alone are NOT worth $25. Not in this size anyways, but if Natasha ever makes large singles of them, well she has a customer right here. 

I wanted to love this palette so much and am so sad it didn't work for me. After not keeping the large Star Palette I had hoped to have a mini, more affordable version of it in my collection. I still think the shades are perfectly curated, each shade super beautiful, but enough of the palette just isn't right for me. I will be returning it and picking up the Natasha Denona Gold Palette instead. While that may be a lot pricier, I think the formula will be a better match for me and my lids. 

Amended: I broke down and repurchased this palette when they Sephora VIB Rouge Sale started and that was after seriously regretting having returned it for two weeks. I kept thinking about how much I had enjoyed Atik and how I really wanted to have that eyeshadow as part of my collection, it's just such an easy crease shade an overall shadow to work with, plus the color is perfection on my skin tone. I also really like the color scheme of the overall palette a lot, and realized that for $20, after the 20% off, I am willing to work with the not so perfect metallics.

I was so happy to have it back in my life and even while it's not a perfect Natasha Denona palette - I still think it will become one of my favorites. 


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