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Bad Habit Artistry II Palette

Last month I reviewed the Bad Habit Fantasia Palette and after not exactly being a fan of it, I thought it might be the last Bad Habit palette I would buy. Enter the Bad Habit Artistry II, a dupe of the KKW and Mario palette that launched this summer. Sigh. I don't particularly want to support the KKW brand but I have to admit that the original palette is really stunning, filled with my kind of shades. So when I saw the dupe for it on Shop Hush, well, let's just say I had to order it. 

I have reviewed the Bad Habit Artistry Palette - a dupe of the ABH Master Palette by Mario - and love it. It's been the only palette of Bad Habit's to-date that I actually like, so I was hoped against hope that this palette would be as good. 

The Bad Habit Artistry II palette is $12 and can be purchased via the Shop Hush app. I collected points for over a month to take down the price of the palette to only $4.92. I know...that's a super low price - but it did take a long time of saving points to hit that. I just could not stand to pay more for a brand that hasn't exactly been blowing my mind lately and was willing to be patient.

The color scheme of the Bad Habit Artistry II is absolutely killer, the shades Kusama ans Sistine being my favorite. Normally I love a blue shadow and Sienna is nice, but it's the bronzy shades along with Bacchus and Fresco that really appeal to me. I could literally depot those four shades and make myself a perfect quad. 

Swatches of the Bad Habit Artistry II

My overall thoughts of the Bad Habit Artistry II Palette are that it's an okay palette, especially for $12. The metallic/shimmers are really decent in this palette. I've run into Bad Habit shimmers that blend away but the ones in this palette are better. I found them to wear all day with slight fading and look really pretty on the eyes, especially Kusama and Sistine.

A few shades like Tempest are not as metallic as Kusama and Sistine, but that's not my favorite shade anyway. And just check out the first shade called Chiaro, that is a stunner! 

The mattes, again, as usual, require tapping off of your brush and extra blending.  These are super soft and kick up a lot of powder when you dip your brush in. I got fall-out from the mattes each time I use this palette and while it's not a deal breaker, it can be a pain. The pigmentation of the mattes is good, just be prepared to blend and work them longer than usual.

For $12 - or less if you collect points - you're basically getting the same color scheme as the KKW palette. And while you will have to put a little more effort into using this palette, I would say it is worth it. Had Bad Habit priced this at $16 or more, I would say it might be worth saving for the original but the price is actually pretty low and not all of us want to support the KKW brand.

If we're not talking about the Bad Habit Artistry II Palette as a dupe, but rather on its own merits, I still think it's good. Honestly, I don't think a palette that is a straight out copy of another has it's own merits, but that's a whole other story.

The Bad Habit Artistry II Palette is an all-inclusive palette that has a bone shade for setting your primer and highlighting the brow-bone, plus a dark brown for deepening and adding dimension. For the price I definitely don't hate it.

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