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Five Beauty Products That Are Totally Rad #1

I wanted to start this series as a way to highlight products from my collection that deserve extra love, not monthly favorites per se, but rather, all-time favorites of mine that are more than just a passing fad. I was hoping to not include new products, to instead use this series as a way to share older products from my collection that are tried-and-true. However, for this first post in the series, two new-ish products did manage to make it into the list. I've just been reaching for them so much and I can see that they are going to be long haulers in my collection - so I had to include them.

Five Makeup Products That Are Totally Rad #1

Catrice Prime & Fine Mattifying Powder 

I own very few powders of any sort as I don't normally set any part of my makeup. But summers are pretty cruel in my neck of the woods and that's where my trusty Catrice Prime & Fine Mattifying Powder comes into play. I discovered this drugstore gem last year and liked it so much that I have purchased multiples for my kids. At $7.49, this mattifying powder does not break the bank, and it has a really lovely formula - even for someone with dry skin like mine. 

Bear in mind that I don't cake this on my skin, I dust a minimal amount on areas that are prone to shine. It mattifies my skin while not making it look cakey, and prolongs my makeup on these really hot days. I really love that this powder doesn't make me look like the crypt keeper and I do think I see a small amount of blurring on those areas I place it. For the price and quality, this is a def win-win for me and I would highly suggest giving it a go. BTW: I also love the concealer and foundation from this range. 

Physicians Formula Healthy Foundation

The Physicians Formula Healthy Foundation is one of my favorite makeup launches of 2018. What a beautiful foundation from the drugstore! This is a light-medium coverage foundation that feels really lightweight while giving you really healthy looking skin. Every time that I use it I am wowed by how good it makes my skin look. 

The formula of this foundation feels and performs like a high-end foundation for me. It blends into the skin seamlessly with a damp sponge and smooths on in seconds with a brush. This is one of those rare foundations that I like applied both ways equally - I get just a little more coverage with a brush. While it's not a dewy foundation it gives a really healthy finish, that's not cakey or thick, even if you apply pretty generously - it just seems to melt into the skin. When wearing the Physicians Formula Healthy Foundation, I even skip concealer, as this formula sits beautifully on my under eye area.

Cons: This foundation features a large doe foot applicator, à la Shape Tape - not something that bothers me but I know that a lot of people don't prefer this type of applicator. This foundation also has a pretty strong scent that I have heard described as throwup-like in nature. I think that is a huge exaggeration, to me it smells more like paint. Honestly, it smells like foundation but it's a stronger scent than usual. Neither of those points are a deal breaker for me, especially considering the price. 

Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Sculpting Concealer

I have so much to say about this concealer and don't want to make this entire post about it, so I will keep it short by saying that this has become an immediate go-to for me. The original Too Faced Born This Way Concealer is one of my top three concealers, so even though I happened to be on a no-buy last month when this launched, I ordered it straight away from HSN. (I did score a 20% discount for this product, making it an even more amazing deal)

Too Faced has once again knocked it out of the park with the Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Sculpting Concealer, it truly is a multi-use product that I have been enjoying as a concealer and a very skin-like foundation. I purchased the shade Natural Beige which is almost my skin tone, so this shade doesn't exactly highlight for me, and I am not sure I would ever contour with it, I would have to see all the shades in person and see if there is a shade that's cool enough for my taste. But it's also supposed to be great for contouring and retouching and because you get double the amount of a regular concealer, you really don't feel awful about putting this all over your face. 

FYI: The original Too Faced Born This Way Concealer is $28 and has .23oz of product. The Too Faced Born This Way Multi-Sculpting Concealer is only $29 and you get .5oz of product! I love the original version, but for the price difference I don't know that I will be able to purchase it again - unless I have a coupon or it's on sale. 

Glossier Haloscope in Quartz

If I had to describe the Glossier Haloscope in Quartz in in a few words, they would have to be "sexy sweaty dewyness". This $22 highlighter is simple in design while being incredibly effective in delivery - it really gives my skin an incredible dewy radiance, without a stitch of glitter or powder. 

While highlighters have been all the rage for a few years now, it's taken me a while to fall into the hype and that's because I cannot deal with highlighters that are very glittery, very powdery, or even very high-impact. My favorite highlighters have become those that are very skin-like, that give a lit-from-within glow, that do not accentuate texture and that are not overly powdery.

Glossier's Haloscope in Quartz checks off everything that I prefer in a highlighter: no powder, no glitter, it has a dewy and hydrating finish and the shade is perfection. Quartz is a warm champagne that has zero gold in it, which is perfect for my skin tone.

Glossier describes the finish of this product as otherworldly and I would have to agree. When you apply it to your skin it literally looks like you just applied light with a magic wand. I really love this product and can see it being part of my collection forever.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

If I had to recommend just one product from today's post it would have to be this. The Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter is another multi-purpose product that can be used as: a glowy primer that softens imperfections, as a very light coverage base, as a mix-in with your base product for a glowy foundation, or as a highlighter on top of foundation. I still haven't had a chance to try mixing it with a foundation but love to use it as a highlighter, in fact, it's been in my makeup bag for over 2 weeks now and I have been using it non-stop. 

I love to apply it to the high points of my cheekbones, to the bridge of my nose and a little bit on the middle part of my forehead. It works really well with a damp sponge but I just like to dab it on with the applicator to the desired areas and then pat it into the skin with my fingers. The warmth of my fingers just helps it to melt right into the skin and the finished effect is the most incredible wet-like glow that makes my skin look lit-from-within. 

The Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter is priced at $44 which I don't think is super expensive to begin with considering that it's a luxury beauty brand. Considering how little is used on each application - even if you use it as an all-over primer, the product should last a really long time. I apply so little of it each time that I am sure to have this bottle for years.

Swatches of 4/5 products mentioned. The Catrice Prime & Fine Mattifying Powder is not included but it is a transparent powder with a hint of pigment. I have a medium skin tone and it doesn't show up lighter than my skin,  but if you have a deeper skin tone it might.  

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