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Current Beauty Favorites

I've definitely not been keeping up with my monthly beauty favorites and that's because it's hard to have a complete month of favorites, every single month. It's actually easier for me to do a current beauty favorites every few months, when I can actually have a list of products that I have really been reaching for and enjoying.

Currently, I am in love with the items in this post - many of which I can't put  down, literally. 


This little palette surprised the heck out of me. I am admittedly not Covergirl's #1 fan and I only grabbed this palette after seeing it in store and marveling over the pretty color range. I love that it has one punch of true peach. I am not the biggest peach shadow lover and don't need an entire peach palette. This palette is a mix of everyday wearable shades, in both shimmer and matte, with a touch of peach. And, it's peach scented. 

I do have a full review coming of the Covergirl Trunaked Peach Punch Palette - if you're looking for more deets on this palette def keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, I am happy I took a chance on this Covergirl product. 

Milani Rose Blush trio Palette In Floral Fantasy

This little palette has become such a go-to for me. I found this little gem at Walgreens almost as soon as it launched and I've been using it so much! I even took it on vacation with me instead of the many thousands of other blushes I already own, many high-end. This is just a perfect little trio and it was easier to pack this than three of the full-size blushes. Plus the color scheme of this trio is super everyday friendly. 

I own 6 of Milani's full sized rose blushes so it's not surprising that I would enjoy this trio. I do think it's a tad on the pricey side at $13 but considering that the full-sizes are about $8-$9, then it's a nice deal. These pans are a lot smaller than the large ones, but even so - I don't think anyone will go through it quickly.

I do have a full review of this trio coming soon with more photos. But I highly recommend getting your hands on it!

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter

I only got this in June but it's quickly become a favorite and a product that I can see myself always having in my collection. I've already talked about this product in this post, so all I will say here is that if you're looking for an ethereal, lit-from-within glow, this be it!

MAC Contour and Sculpt Yourself Palette

I purchased this palette a few years ago and it's taken all this time for me to actually learn to love it. The contour shade is my exact preferred type of cool toned shade and I am really enjoying reaching for it. I'm not sure why I didn't love it so much before, seeing as all the products in it are really great. But that's exactly why it's important that we shop our stash. 

A little FYI on this palette: it was $60 at time of purchase and even though it's no longer for sale, you can still buy the individual pans and the empty palette and insert. This is actually a great way to build your own perfect palette. 

My favorite products in this palette are the contour shade called Sculpt, the highlight shade called Emphasize, and the blush called Peaches. I am not usually a lover of peach blush but this one looks so beautiful on and it has the perfect amount of pigmentation.

MAC Cosmetics X Padma Lakshmi Blush Duo in Moon & Shine

I've been abstaining from MAC a lot in the past year, I just really get overwhelmed with how many collections they launch. As a beauty lover and blogger -- it gets hard to keep up with all the collections, so a while back I decided it was best to just step back.

Then in March I saw the MAC Cosmetics X Padma Lakshmi collection and I was done, the will power was just not enough to pass it by. I even went in-store to swatch and make my purchases. That first day I bought three products and a few days later I ordered the Padma Lakshmi Blush Duo in Moon & Shine, which is basically a contour powder and highlighter for my medium skin tone.

Again, this contour is in my preferred cool tone and because it's not super pigmented or overly dark, I find I can layer it as much as I want and never go overboard. The powder is so finely milled and easy to blend so I never get harsh contour lines. Admittedly, that is a real struggle for me since I tend to be pretty heavy handed.

As much as I like this duo, I do not recommend it for anyone who has deeper skin than myself. Like I mentioned above, it's not a very dark powder (a little confusing since Padma has a very rich and deep skin tone). On me it's perfect and I love it, but I do think there should have been a darker version. 

Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer

Let me preface this by saying that this product creases under my eyes - whether I set it or not. So, I've stopped trying to wear it there, instead I really enjoy using this concealer on those rare days that I want to get extra and do some highlighting. I find that this product sits so beautifully everywhere else on my face, minus the under eye area. Sometimes I'll even do a little bit of clean up with it if my contour has gotten out of hand or anywhere that might need an extra dollop of coverage. 

Yes, I wish the Revolution Conceal & Define Concealer also worked under my eyes but since I have tons of other favorites for that area, I still enjoy using it on other parts of my face. 


I've been on a kick with these four particular lip products for a few months now and can't stop wearing them. Pretty soon I am going to have to retire them as I have so many other lip products, both old and new, that I must use too. It's just that these four products are so everyday friendly and they all go with pretty much any makeup look. I can even pop one on with a bare face and they're just perfect.

If a few years ago you'd have told me that one day I would be not just wearing, but loving nude lipsticks, on the daily - I would have told you to fuck off. LOL. True story...but hey, tastes change and as we evolve the things we used to love no longer suit us. I think that's the case with me.

Or hey, maybe I am finally that boring old lady I always said I wasn't going to be. Either way, I can't get enough of these nudes. (wink)

MAC X Padma Lakshmi Lipstick in Nude Fudge
MAC X Padma Lakshmi Lipstick in Sunset Rose
L'oreal Color Riche in Glossy Fawn
NARS Lip Glide in Swing

I have tons of reviews coming in the next weeks - I hope you can stop by to check them out. For now I hope you have enjoyed this beauty favorites catch up post. What are some of you current beauty must-haves?

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  1. I adore the natural shimmer colors for eye color, I always fall back on my red lipstick, but I enjoy a nude occasionally. I always love your picks & trends.