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Covergirl TruNaked Peach Punch Palette

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CoverGirl and I go way back to my junior high days. Their clean foundation and pressed powder were part of my makeup routine until my late teens. I remember loving nothing more than the scent of the pressed powder, and how I used to treasure that compact that somehow always ended up breaking super early on. Sometimes it would take me months to be able to replace it. I also remember buying the CoverGirl Clean Foundation in a shade that was at least three shades too light, and loving it. I don't think it was a good foundation, come to think of it, but it was easily accessible and cheap - really important for a teen with no money but a a great affinity for makeup.

But even with all that history - these days CoverGirl is one of my least favorite drugstore brands. Maybe it's the fact that they were part of my really early makeup years and I had enough of them or maybe I finally realized that CoverGirl is pretty stinkin' dull. Seriously, if any brand at the drugstore needs a serious overhaul it has to be CoverGirl. But I digress...let's get back to the Covergirl TruNaked Peach Punch Palette, which I actually really like. 

When I spotted the new TruNaked palettes at Walmart last month I became completely smitten with the Peach Punch shade. I own two earlier versions of these palettes and have never given them much use, but the color scheme on the Peach Punch Palette is what really caught my attention.


Something you will find either neat or annoying, is that the Covergirl TruNaked Peach Punch Palette is peach scented! I don't go out of my way to look for scented products but I definitely don't mind them at all. This palette smells like an artificial peach, but in a good way. I actually quite like the scent on this one as it's more of a fresh peach scent rather than a cloyingly sweet scent. 


With just one true punch of peach, a super pretty pinky coral with a gold sheen and a host of wearable but not utterly boring shades, I could not stop thinking about this palette after seeing it. The next trip that I made to Walmart, I made a beeline to the makeup area and grabbed it right up. You can find all of the Covergirl TruNaked Palettes for $9.98 at Walmart, which is a good price for 10 eye shadows.

FYI: I did compare this palette to the Too Faced Peach Palette and you can find dupes for each of these shades in that palette. If you've ever wanted the Too Faced Peach Palette, but hoped for a more affordable version, this is a great dupe. You don't get as many shades but CoverGirl did a nice job picking out the color scheme so it's very usable and cohesive.

How pretty is this color scheme? That second shade in the palette is especially gorgeous. I always say that I am not a fan of pink shadows, but this one is beautiful and I have used it. Swatched out it looks like a more pinky version of NARS Orgasm blush.

And I know that in these photos it looks like all the shades have shimmer, but once you get past the top layer, four of them are basically matte. The true shimmers are the second shade and the three on the right hand side, all which are SO, SO pretty!


If you already own any of the Covergirl TruNaked palettes, then you will recognize this formula. If not, the closest formula I can think of would be the Flower Beauty 10-pan palettes. The formulas are so similar, I would think they are from the same brand.

The formula of these shadows is very soft and silky, some shades being softer than others. The last shade on the right hand side is one of those culprits. It's so dusty that when I went to swatch it, a ton of product fell from my finger and I had barely touched the pan. On application you will have quite a bit of fall-out, which I know can be quite a pain for a lot of people. But since the formula is super soft, you can brush it away easily enough. My suggestion would be to dip your brush into each pan gently and tap-off before going onto the eyes.

I've used this palette a lot now and I love how nice the matte shades are, they blend seamlessly and are really nicely pigmented. I have actually kept this nearby in case I need to reach for any of these mattes while using another palette.

The shimmers (which are usually my favorites in any palette) are very different from what we have become accustomed to. They are a barely-there shimmer that look quite beautiful on the skin, but don't have the metallic or super buttery formula we are now used to. They are just so thin and light, no matter how you apply them you won't get a metallic or foiled finish. The formula is too thin.

But they are still super pretty on the eyes, just don't expect a ton of shimmer.


Even with the extra kick-up of powder and the not exactly stellar shimmers, I still think that this is a great little palette. I love the last shade in the palette, which is something of a peachy medium brown, all over the crease. That's a shade that I could seriously reach for everyday.

As mentioned above, I took this palette with me on vacation thinking to use it a few times, but it ended up being the palette I used every time I did my makeup that week. Plus once we got home, I found myself reaching for it over and over again.

The reason for my enjoyment of this palette can be described in one word: easy. I own so many palettes that I have lost count, but I can count on one hand the palettes that I reach for when I am short on time. This is a palette that I can quickly grab, apply 2-3 shades, or even just the last matte on the crease, y vamonos. No having to pull out my hair wondering what shades to use or having to look up a YT video to come up with a look.

If you already own all the hot new eyeshadow launches then I do NOT think you need this palette. But if you're looking for a workhorse palette that will give you the same look of the Too Faced Peach Palette, for less, look no further. While it's far from perfect the Covergirl TruNaked Peach Punch Palette is a solid performer, especially the matte shades, and I am very glad that I took a chance on it.

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  1. These colors are all gorgeous! This pack is my dream combination. Thanks for posting, I’m sharing.