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M·A·C x Padma Lakshmi Thoughts & Swatches

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I am very excited to share with you the three products from the MAC x Padma Lakshmi collection I purchased over the weekend. I specifically drove out to the mall to see this collection in person after not finding many swatches online. My closest store is 45 minutes away, which shows you how much interest I had in this collaboration. 

Here are the three pieces which I purchased, I am incredibly smitten with all of them and would love to get a few more items, but alas, I already spent too much. :(

I had promised myself that I would only be looking at the palettes, maybe swatch them, but that I would not be picking either up. I knew that was a lie - I loved both quads from the moment I saw them on Instagram, so it's no surprise I ended up bringing one home.

I am not usually a fan of gold, in either makeup or packaging, it's just not my style. So - while I might not think the packaging is amazing, I know that I have heard many others say that they love it. The compacts and lipsticks really are beautifully done, both have an intricate and beautiful Indian (I assume) design on the outside and are very much "Padma". While the compact is not super weighty, it feels good in the hand and I think it's going to look stunning on someone's vanity. Especially next to the lipsticks which are also encased in gold. 

I picked up the quad called 70's Sunset which has one of the prettiest color schemes I've ever seen. In this quad you can find a cool beige, a frosty light green, a beautiful mauve and a pearlescent plum.

The entire MAC X Padma collection is beautiful,  but when I saw the two eye shadow palettes my heart melted. I really would have loved to pick up the second quad which has a beautiful frosty blue shade, but out of the two palettes 70's Sunset overall color scheme won out because of the plum and mauves.

I'm a big fan of MAC and own quite a few single shadows and pre-made eyeshadow palettes of theirs, but this has to be one of my favorites.

Swatches of the MAC X Padma 70's Sunset Eyeshadow Quad

I regret not being able to pick up the second quad, especially after they went on sale at Macy's for 15% off only a day and a half after I bought mine (isn't that the way it always happens). Had I waited, I could have picked up both and spent the same as I did that night at the mall. But I am still happy that this is the quad I did get because these shades are just so perfect and everyday wearable for me. But the blue shade in the Desert Dusk quad is going to live in my dreams forever. 

I also picked up two of the lipsticks, one which I was sure I would be getting based of the photos I had seen of it, and the second I could not leave behind after swatching in-store.

Nude Fudge and Sunset Rose are the first Mac lipsticks I've purchased in about 11 months. The last lipsticks I purchased were Hot Chocolate from the Vibe Tribe Collection and Plum Princess from the Chris Chang collection. Since then MAC has had a ton of new collections launch and these are the first shades that have called out to me.

Let me tell you, they are gorgeous.  After I picked them up and swatched them I realized how beautiful they're going to look not just on their own, but together as well.

Sunset Rose has a creamsheen finish and it's more of a buildable lipstick. It starts quite sheer but builds up to the opacity above and as you can see; it's super pretty.

Nude Fudge has a matte finish, and it's a very creamy matte that has no pulling and tugging. I think this is going to be everyone's favorite shade from the entire collection. 

I'm pretty over the moon about my three newest MAC acquisitions. I think Padma created an incredible collection that is not only beautifully packaged, I think the shade range is outstanding, especially for women of color. It's a collection done right, something I think MAC has been missing lately. I love these items so much that right now I am toying with the idea of picking up one more piece from the collection and only wish I could buy more.

I hope MAC brings us more beautifully executed collections like this one. I get that MAC is trying to stay relevant with the young & hip crowd, but I believe that they can do both without having to go so young and tacky like they have recently. 

Purchase the MAC X Padma Lakshmi collection anywhere MAC is sold. I heard that only certain counters got the collection but online you can find it at Macy's, Nordstrom, and Mac.

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