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Makeup Revolution SophX Highlighter Palette

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As a big Makeup Revolution fan, I could not wait for the SophX Makeup Revolution collaboration to arrive to the US and Ulta. I don't know Soph, the You Tube collaborator of this collection, but I am a fan of the brand and I think they did an amazing job with this collab. A few weeks ago the two palettes finally arrived at my local Ulta, and I immediately set out to see them in person. 

A part of me wanted to not like them enough to walk away - honestly, the last thing I need is another eyeshadow palette. But I am such a fan of MR overall, and this collab was so beautifully executed. Everything from the packaging of the two palettes, to the shades inside are so stunning, that there was no way I could walk away. First I picked up the SophX Ultra Eyeshadow Palette, using a $3.50 off coupon to bring it down to only $11.50, and two days later I had to go back to get the highlighter palette. 

The highlighter palette, in all honestly, was something I thought I would completely skip out on. While I do think it's stunningly beautiful, I am not big into highlighters (I think that's starting to change), and when I am, I prefer a more subtle type of highlight. Plus, I don't normally wear any other shade of highlight other than a light champagne. But, how can anyone skip out on this palette, especially when it's only $12! 

The SophX Highlighter Palette contains 8 highlighters in two different finishes: baked and pressed. The baked highlighters have to be the prettiest in the palette, as they have the most beautiful finish and the shades are stunning. I personally LOVE the rose gold shade on the bottom as well as the more bronzy shade.

From the pressed shades, I am really enjoying the second shade on top, which looks really beautiful on it's own but is also perfect for mixing in with any of the other shades that need to be toned down or lightened up a bit.

The bronzy toned baked highlight is probably my favorite but it's a bit dark for my medium skintone, mixing it with that shade lightens it up perfectly. Also, the rose gold baked highlight is a little too pink, and again, the lighter shades on top helps me cut the pink enough to make it wearable enough for me.

Makeup Revolution SophX Highlighter Palette 

I've been using this palette for the past week and I am so impressed by it! In the beginning I was more than a little intimidated by it and I didn't see myself wearing the majority of the shades - but now that I have been playing with it, wearing some shades alone as well as mixing and matching others, I have realized that there is so much versatility to be had with this palette. And - as someone who doesn't even wear highlight the majority of days, I have reached for and looked forward to using this palette so much!

Swatches of the SophX Highlighter Palette in direct sunlight.

On the fingertips the baked highlighters in this palette feel dry and powdery, so I was incredibly surprised to see how beautifully they sit on the skin. They deliver that wet-like finish that I prefer and even though they feel powdery to the touch, once on the skin there is no discernible powder at all. It's as if they melt right into your skin and all you can see is a blinding highlight - or a more subtle glow - depending on which you choose to wear. 

I honestly don't think these swatches do this palette much justice. To really appreciate these beautiful highlighters, I suggest picking up the palette and trying it out for yourself. I went from thinking it was pretty but unwearable, to thinking they were pretty but dry when swatching, to completely gobsmacked when I actually tried them on.

The SophX Highlighter Palette isn't really great for "the price", it's just really great. I am such a fan of Makeup Revolution, and even I was more impressed with this palette than I expected to be. Highlighters are all the rage at the moment, but they can get very expensive (I have a NARS trio on the way that cost me $49). The fact that MR was able to deliver 8 highlighters, in a really nice looking palette, in a great range of tones, for only $12, is pretty insane. 

I highly reccommend giving the Makeup Revolution SophX Highlighter Palette a try. 

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