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What I Got for Christmas

Today's post is in no way to show off because seriously I have nothing to show off about. I am mom and grandmother so I don't usually even get many gifts. But the holidays were pretty kind to me and I thought it would be nice to share what I got. 

It was really less about makeup and more about my house and my blogging and work. It's a new year and I really wanted to start fresh, which I am able to do with some of the gifts I got. Here is everything that I got for Christmas.


Melt Cosmetics She's In Parties Stack - omg, this stack is absolute perfection. My boyfriend got it for me on the 31st with a 20% off & free shipping coupon so we got an amazing deal on it. These stacks are pretty pricey so as of now She's In Parties is only my second one. 

NARS Man Ray Love Triangle in Impassioned - I wanted this item since the first time I saw it, especially after swatching both products at Nordstrom. So excited for the Anna Audacious lippie and the blush which is a very soft nudish pink.

Beautiful!! I am so in love with these two mini NARS pieces.


My daughter and I made a trip to IKEA where she got me a bunch of stuff for my apartment. I love IKEA, my whole place is IKEA already so I was stoked to get some new shelves and smaller pieces to perk up the place.

I also got one of those cute little storage carts that I had been eyeing for a while. This cart is where I will be keeping my overflow products, things pending reviews, plus it's where I am storing my Makeup of the Week. I had things all over the floor in my makeup area and now everything is nice and organized and there is nothing on my carpet, which feels amazing. 

New Blog Design

Something else my daughter gifted me and that I am most excited for is the new blog design. I am still working on Blogger and will be here for a while so for now I still buy pre-made templates. I seriously plan on spending no big money on special designs or Wordpress migration until this blog actually makes an income. For now it works as it is and I love this new design which definitely gave the entire blog a more updated look and feel.

MacBook Air

While I wasn't able to get another MacBook Pro because they are so expensive (my daughter got one in November for college and OUCH!), I was able to get a MacBook Air. My poor MacBook is so beat down from everyday use: the keyboard is so worn down, the charger has stopped working, it won't read memory cards anymore and is so slow. I still plan on using it a lot (my little one will probably get the most use from it) and have a new charger coming but for blogging and work purposes it was definitely time to get a new computer.

As a professional blogger I would definitely suggest upgrading to a Mac from another type of computer. Mac's are definitely expensive, and yes you can run a blog from a $200 computer, but if you plan on running some sort of online business from your laptop they are definitely worth it. I've had so many computers and my MacBook Pro has definitely been the one most up to the task of running several blogs and social media accounts.

As you can see, I had a very good Christmas and now I feel more than ready to face a new year of work and blogging here in Red Lipstick Diaries. I hope you too had an amazing holiday season and that you got what your heart desired. If not there is always next year!

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