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New Wet n Wild ColorIcon in Comfort Zone

As you probably already know, Comfort Zone is a cult classic and a staple in many makeup collections, whether small or large. I came in to the Comfort Zone party pretty late - I think I've had my palette for about 2 years. So I was def excited to learn that one of the new Wet n Wild palettes was a reformulated version of this cult classic. The original is such a great palette. It's got a beautiful color scheme, the shades are buttery and soft and it's so affordable. Would this new palette that my love for Comfort Zone to the new level?

This new version of Comfort Zone is absolutely beautiful, in fact I think it's my favorite of the new palettes in color scheme. Unfortunately,  that's about as far as I go in my enjoyment of this palette, as I am not actually a fan of it and I definitely don't think that it's a better version of the original.

This is the third of the newly launched Wet n Wild ColorIcon palettes that I've reviewed - and so far I feel pretty much the same about all of them. Read my reviews for the other two palettes at the links below. Read my Wet n Wild ColorIcon in Nude Awakening review here and my Wet n Wild ColorIcon in Rosé in the Air review here. 

So this new palette is definitely a beautiful one,  I was pretty sure that Rosé In The Air had my favorite color scheme but once I saw Comfort Zone I changed my mind.  I'm just such a fan of the earthy deeper tones in this palette, and the two large transition shades are perfection. But besides those two shades which are pretty darn good, the palette suffers in the same area as the others, with the shimmer shades. 

I have found so far that all of the shimmer/metallic shades in these palettes are just not good. They don't really stick to the skin, which you can clearly see in all of the swatches, and they are not very reflective at all. The formula of the shimmers is drier and seems to be lacking something to get them to adhere better. Some of the shimmers are better than others, and they are workable, meaning you can use them. But the formula is very much lacking and could have been so much better. 

These swatches are on dry (extra dry) winter skin but I have used this palette a few times just like the others and with most of the shimmers shades, I find that even when applying with a finger they don't stick. You can always take the extra step of wetting your brush and then they do work better, for the most part, but that's not something I normally do.

The question at the end of the day is, "is this new Comfort Zone worth buying?" My answer is so conflicted, I would have to say it all depends on you. For $4.99 you are getting a lot with this palette but I don't know that it's necessarily worth it. If you're prepared to wet your brush for all of the shimmer shades, then yes. If you're looking for a palette that is fast and easy and requires no extra work, then no. 

Original Wet n Wild ColorIcon in Comfort Zone next to the new version.

Just as a refresher I thought I would swatch the original Wet n Wild Comfort Zone ColorIcon so you can compare it to the new one. As you can see, the shimmer shades in this palette are so much more reflective and smooth. They also stick to the skin and are just an overall great formula. I will definitely NOT be throwing this palette out, it will continue to be a favorite in my collection and I still wholeheartedly recommend it if you're looking for a solid palette from the drugstore. 

I am a big fan of Wet n Wild and I know they can make a nice shimmer shadow. I don't know what happened with these new palettes, they are just not stellar in my opinion. Had I to do it over again I would not purchase this palette nor any of the others I have already reviewed. 


  1. Wow! I love your photos! :D Great post!
    I have the new one and I still want to get my hands on the OG Comfort Zone because of how every one keeps saying about how buttery they are.

  2. So wish they hadn't changed this palette and formula. Was so looking forward to trying this palette finally (late to the party, I know), but all the shimmers in the old palette really began to excite me after seeing videos of people using the older version on YouTube. But for my tastes, at least for what I want from this palette, I have no need for the matte colors and both seem overtly too warm for me (I don't like orange eyeshadow, for example, on myself). But now, even the shimmers seem less impressive and only shadows (pun not intended) of their former selves. How sad! But I think I will pass now!