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Tips to Motivate You to Blog When You'd Much Rather Be Napping

I've been blogging for over 8 years and as anyone who works from home will tell you, it's not easy to keep the motivation going every day. My other blog, the one where I actually make money is one thing, if I don't keep up with my deadlines there I won't get paid. But this blog that is more of a hobby is harder to keep up with. 

Today I am sharing some tips that help me get motivated to blog on those days that I would rather be napping. 

Find your perfect light: Nothing motivates me to blog more than when I have images ready to go. But, getting good photos can be quite a pain in the rear, especially in the winter. If you take your own photographs then you know how hard it is to get the perfect light. I do have an entire lighting set that I was gifted by my daughter a few years ago for Mother's Day but I always prefer to take naturally lit photos. I feel like natural light really is the best way to showcase makeup and keep everything as true to color as possible. 

Finding your perfect light will take some experimenting. Find a backdrop and set up your photo area in different parts of your home at different times of the day. I have found that I have the best light in my bedroom (where I take all my photos) between 9 and 11 in the morning when the light is clean and crisp. Any photos I take after 2:30 will be yellow and dingy looking so if I can't get them taken before then I won't even bother.

Take as many photos as you can in one sitting: That's why I plan my schedule to have at least 2 mornings a week to take as many photos as I can. This is something really great to do especially in the winter when most days I will wake to cloudy or foggy mornings. Plus setting up for photos can be tedious and messy so it's best to get as many photographs as possible taken in one sitting.

I feel so accomplished when I can look at my camera or iPhone feed and see it full of blog photos. I've even downloaded the photo editor that I use to my phone so that I can do some basic editing during free moments in my day.

Change up the scene: A sure fire way to break up the monotony of blogging from home is to change up your blogging location. I blog at my desk, in my room so it means that I can't concentrate if there is any sort of mess. Also blogging from home means having many distractions that keep pulling me away from my computer. 

One of my favorite things to do to break up the monotony is to head out to my local Starbucks for a few hours (morning or evening). Since I'm going to be out in public I will also have to put a little effort into myself which immediately makes me feel 1 million times better. I find it I will do more work during these hours than I do in two working from home.

If leaving your house is not an option then I suggest going into another room. Try sitting in your living room, porch or even your backyard if the weather permits. I have a larger computer downstairs that I do enjoy working on occasionally and will sometimes work there just to change things up.

Read other blogs or watch YT: On those days that I really am lacking any sort of motivation I find that spending time reading other beauty blogs or watching a few of my favorite vlogs on YouTube will really motivate me to get going. There are a few ladies I follow who do so much in one day, it makes me wonder where they get the energy to do so much.

I do realize not everything you see on YT is real plus a lot of the YouTuber's I watch don't have kids, grandkids, pets, jobs, etc. Also, most of these "professional" YouTuber's have assistants and employees who help them do everything from taking blog photos to actually writing posts and editing. I am a one man crew, who already has a very busy day and I don't expect to do as much as they do. But watching their hustle definitely motivates me to at least get off my bum.

Don't make it a chore: blogging on days you're just not feeling it can definitely feel like a chore. On these days, I make my blogging more fun than just sitting at my desk typing away. Try grabbing a coffee, a snack or maybe a glass of wine and sitting down in front of the tv to blog. I like having my tv playing videos in the background or maybe a show on Netflix as I work and I usually have a cup of coffee at my side.

Right now I am enjoying having everyone's 2017 Beauty Favorites playing on my tv as I plug away at my keyboard.

Treat it like a business: At the end of the day I don't think any of us are blogging for the sheer fun of it. Sure many of us started our beauty blogs as a hobby, but how amazing would it be for your blog to actually become a business and earn an income? 

Even if you're not at that point you can still treat your blog like more than a hobby. Start keeping an editorial calendar, brainstorm and plan posts ahead of time and give yourself deadlines. 

Blog on-the-go: These days you can even blog from your phone, especially if you have an Android phone. I have the Blogger app on my phone ( I recently switched back to android and this is one of the only perks versus having iTunes) and will dictate posts while waiting for the kids in the car during my school drop off and pick up times. The app doesn't really let me load photos but I can write/dictate an entire post while sitting in a parking lot.

By using those free moments to start, finish or completely write a post and other free moments to edit photos from my phone, I am always ahead of the game. 

Our blogs are a source of happiness for most of us and as 2018 begins I am looking forward to taking my own advice many times over. There will be days that of course nothing will work and I will instead sleep or watch Netflix during my free hours (that's ok too!), but for the most part I hope to stick to my blog hustle. 

I hope my tips can help you on those off days and I would love to know some of your tips to getting your blog on when you'd rather be napping.

some stock photos courtesy of unsplash

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