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2018 Stash & Blog Resolutions

I'm not much of a new year's resolutions person but most years I do try to think of some goals that I would love to achieve. I believe I did something similar last year and without even going back to read that post I can assure you that I did NOT stick to most of my goals, if any.

I'm just really bad at sticking to any sort of plan. I have the will power of a slug and while I can say that I am going on a no-buy till I am blue in the mouth, I know it's a lie even as I am saying it. So I'm not going to say it. I am not going to let the words no-buy come out of my mouth, instead I am going to make a deal with myself to just be smarter about what I buy.

And that is exactly where my resolutions begin...

Quality Over Quantity

There are so many high-end brands that I would love to get to know more and this year I am setting goals to do just that. A lot of times I will end up spending just as much buying a bunch of cheaper items that are just meh than if I went ahead and purchased that By TERRY Ombre Blackstar that's been on my list forever or the Chanel bronzer that I have been eyeing for years. 

I want 2018 to be the year that I forgo the 5 drugstore lipsticks for the one really wonderful luxury lipstick that my heart has always desired. And it's not that I am going to dump all affordable products or forget about my beloved drugstore, I just want to feel okay really splurging on that decadent lipstick and getting one really great item versus 5 okay ones. 

Brands I plan on getting to know more in 2018:

Tom Ford

Shop My Stash

At this point I have more eyeshadow palettes than I can remember, more open mascaras than I can count with two hands and am completely out of storage space. As I was sorting out and cleaning up my makeup area tonight I realized that I have become worse than a makeup collector, I have become a makeup hoarder. 

I have more makeup than I will ever need and 2018 has to be the year that I use up, declutter and streamline my stash to be one that is manageable and 100% usable. At this point I can't remember half of what I own and that is plain ridiculous.

Rotate Products Weekly

I will be sharing My Week In Makeup on Insta and Snapchat each Sunday and end with a recap here on the blog sharing highlights, lowlights and interesting tidbits on my weekly products. 

Each weekend I will pick out products for the week and do my best to wear makeup at least 4 days a week to give all the products a chance at being used. This will be a great way to rotate and use more makeup, which will hopefully lead to some more empties or even declutters. This year I really am all about getting rid of things that aren't working and not just holding on to a bunch of stuff for the sake of it. That blush was patchy every single time I applied it? Throw that motherfucker in the trash!

Fuck the FOMO

Sorry to be so uncouth but there is no better way to say this, FUCK THE FOMO. Who gives a flying fig if so and so just got the new it palette and says its amazing and that you need it asap or that Lisa got the entire new NARS lipstick range as PR and says you need it stat. After all, is that bitch Lisa paying my rent or so and so gassing up my car? No, they are not. So why the hell do I find it necessary to jump on every single damn thing that they share, most of which they got for free in PR?

We won't even go into how I feel about all the "influencers" who promote PR only/mostly and shove what they get down our throats whether it's good or not. Why don't they show us what they actually purchased with their own money so we can really find out what they deemed worth dishing out their cash on. 

Disclaimer: I too get some products as PR but know that I will never blow smoke up your ass. This blog is the land otherwise known as Keeping It Fuckin Real and I will never bullshit you for free product.

2018 is about jumping ship from the FOMO, aka hype train, getting the fuck out of dodge and doing my own thing. I want to buy the products that I want to try even if NO ONE is talking about them. 

Blog More Often

My photos are one of the things that make me most proud and for me it's been hard to have to accept that I need help. There are so many times I want to blog but don't have the right photo for a post and because of many factors: lack of time, bad lighting or just plain not having the right products to stylize a photo, I can't. 

That's where stock photos are going to be a big help. I am still not 100% comfortable with using stock photos but I know that it's something that many professional bloggers do and I guess it's worth trying. 

On that note, today's beautiful photographs are indeed stock photos. Aren't they beautiful? You can check out the photographer at the link (Jazmin Quaynor) to see more of her work. Her photos are amazing and I am honored to have them on my blog.

I think 5 resolutions are not bad and for the most part they seem very feasible. I am ready to begin the new year and hopefully be less of a hoarder and more of a beauty connoisseur. What are some of your new year resolutions or goals?

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