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NARS Man Ray Love Triangle Hot Sand/Rita Review & Swatches

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You might not know it by the content of this blog, but I happen to be a huge fan of NARS. For some reason I don't have very many reviews for them on this blog, but I do own quite a bit of their products and I always look forward to their limited edition collections. 

This year's Man Ray holiday collection has got to be one of my favorites ever. I only wish that NARS hadn't spread the products out in between so many stores, giving such few items to Sephora. The eyeshadow palette and other Love Triangles I really wanted are only available at other retailers and so far I have not been able to find them on sale or with a promotion. At the end of the day I might actually have to pay full-price for the palette, but I am hoping for a 20% off coupon any day now from Ulta. Yea, any day now, Ulta. 

I really love the idea of these NARS Manray Love Triangles. For $24 you get a deluxe sized audacious lipstick and blush, not a bad deal in my opinion. During the VIB Sale and with my 20% discount, an even better value that I could not pass up. I picked up the Love Triangle in Hot Sand/Rita, so excited to finally have my hands on Hot Sand which some of my favorite You Tubers speak highly about.

Hot Sand and Rita Set: 
- Mini Blush in Hot Sand (peach champagne) 
- Mini lipstick in Rita (scarlet) 

Unfortunately, the NARS Hot Sand highlighter was not exactly what I was expecting. I own the Bord de Plage Highlighting and Bronzing Palette which boasts some of the most beautiful and buttery highlighters I have ever laid eyes on and was expecting something similar. 

But Hot Sand was not very buttery at all and it looked powdery on my skin. The actual shade, a champagne peach, is pretty enough, but besides being powdery, it also had very little reflection on my skin. I'm not into highlighters that you can see from the moon, I prefer a lit from within type of highlight, but Hot Sand looked like more of a light blush on my skin than any type of highlighter. 

Because some of my favorite people online rave about Hot Sand, I have not completely given up on it. I am thinking that it might be this version that's not amazing and will be swatching and trying a full-size in person whenever I happen to stop by Sephora. 

As for the NARS Audacious Lipsick in Rita...well that is as perfect and glorious as any red lipstick I have ever seen. You might know by the title of this blog that I love a good red lippie, and Rita has gone on my wishlist. The formula of NARS Audacious Lipsticks is just so creamy, fully-pigmented and perfect, of course I found no fault with this cute little lippie. Isn't it glorious? Truly, Rita is a PERFECT red.

Keeping the set for the lippie alone was not worth while for me and I have returned it. But I do see a Rita in my life in the future and perhaps a full-sized Hot Sand.

As of the time of writing this post, the second NARS Man Ray Impassioned/Ana Love Triangle that I wanted to buy is sold out, which is sad but that's what I get for being stingy. I should have just paid the $24 at Nordstrom and counted myself lucky, but that's what happens for trying to wait for a deal. I guess I will just have to buy a full-sized Ana during the next sale. Not exactly a hardship, right? 

Meanwhile, I still think these little triangles are a great buy. I personally could never finish a blush or lipstick and think these are a great way to try two products for less and maybe actually finish them for the first time. 

Purchase NARS Man Ray Love Triangle in Hot Sand/Rita or Orgasm/Orgasm at Sephora

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