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Nordstrom Haul : Little MAC Lipsticks in Whirl & Russian Red + Cyber

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Mac lipsticks are some of my favorites and when they recently had their Buy 2 MAC Lipsticks Get One Free Promotion I really wanted to take advantage of the deal but wasn't ready to purchase two more full-sized lipsticks. My collection of MAC lippies is at about 36 right now. But one night last week Nordstrom launched the Little MAC Lipsticks which are small sized versions of the regular ones for only $10 and the promo for the free lipstick was still live. 

So instead of spending $34 to get a free lipstick, all I had to spend was $20! That was a deal to good to pass up, especially since I have been wanting the shades Russian Red and Whirl for a long time. For my freebie, I picked out Cyber which has been on my wishlist forever. 

Little MAC Lipsticks contain .06 oz. of product versus a full-sized MAC lipstick that contain .01 oz of product. Essentially, you get more than half of the regular tube and you pay about the same cost per ounce. 

This smaller size is really appealing because how many times will we finish a full tube of Mac lipstick? I've yet to do it, I am not even close to finishing any of my MAC lippies, but with this smaller sized tube I might actually be able to finish my first. 

There's also less chance of them going bad in this size and that's really great. I have not had to throw out any MAC lipsticks yet, but I have thrown out quite a few drugstore lippies that got old and went bad. That's such a waste!

I have tried the two Little MAC tubes and was happy to note that while the actual bullet of product is long and thin, they are pretty sturdy, just don't roll them out more than necessary. But they don't feel like jinky little deluxe samples that can sometimes be hard or scary to apply, for fear of breaking them. Plus the formula is the same in my opinion too, today in fact I was reminded why I love MAC's Matte Formula so much! It's so soft and pigmented and that scent!

Little MAC Lipstick in Whirl

Little MAC Lipstick in Russian Red

MAC Lipstick in Cyber

As I was talking about these Little MAC Lipsticks on my social media, I could only think of 2 cons: storage and losing them easier. I like to stick my lipstick of the day in my pocket when going out and I can see how this smaller tube has more of a chance of getting lost, maybe even if you have it in your bag.

Then there is the storage, if you own acrylic organizers for your MAC lipsticks, these won't fit inside so you won't be able to store them in the same manner. I'm going to lay mine down inside a drawer, which is fine, but I do like displaying my MAC lippies in a stand up acrylic organizer that these won't fit in. 

Just a few things to think about but other than that, I do think these smaller tubes of MAC lipsticks are a great way to go. There are so many advantages to buying these lipsticks in a smaller size and since the price per ounce is practically the same as a full-sized tube, why not? 

Find Little Mac Lipsticks at Nordstrom and Macy's

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