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Melisa Michelle X Ulta Palette Review & Swatches

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A purchase I definitely did not expect to make a few weeks ago was the Melisa Michelle X Ulta Makeup Palette. I had no idea this was even launching. I hadn't actually watched Melisa Michelle's channel in years, but the morning that I got the email from ULTA showing her pallet as available, I went over to her channel and was reminded why I had enjoyed her videos so much. Melisa Michelle is a beautiful, very down to earth girl and I was very happy to see that her channel has grown so much and that she'd collaborated with ULTA. 

And, the minute I saw the palette in her hand I fell in love just a little bit. Honestly, she did a really nice job putting this together - everything from the eyeshadow shades to the highlighter and blush are just perfection. It's a very cohesive palette and looking at it, I could see how I could totally work with everything in there, including the highlighter.

But really what made me decide to buy this pallet not just for myself but two extras for my girls, was the price.

There has been an onslaught of influencer and makeup brand collaborations in the last few years and most of those are very overpriced. The Melisa Michelle X Ulta Palette is only $20 and includes: nine eyeshadows, a 3-tone tone highlighter, a full-sized blush and liquid lipstick. Of course the fact that it is a collaboration with ULTA has everything to do with the fact that the price is low, the ULTA brand is affordable.

But seriously, yay ULTA Beauty and Melisa Michelle for keeping this so accessible to all!

Plus, the day of the launch, there was a buy two get one free on all ULTA brand products. To top it off, I had a $5 off coupon which made my three palettes an absolute steal.

Having zero experience with ULTA brand makeup, I honestly was expecting these eyeshadows to be less than average. In Melisa's launch video, everything swatched beautifully, but we all know how different things can actually be once you get them in your hand. My expectations were set pretty low, but since I had paid a very low price I was prepared to deal with averageness.

A closeup of the Melisa Michelle X Ulta Palette.

Now let's talk about the quality of each of the products, shall we?

When swatching, Bing Bing, Lala and Harley didn't swatch amazing, all three were lacking pigmentation. But once applied it was a different story - Bing Bing is very pigmented, Lala is not as buttery or pigmented as the shimmer shades in the top row but it's also beautiful on, especially as an inner corner highlight. All these shadwows were also very easy to blend and work with.

Harley is the only shadow that I had any trouble with, it wouldn't pick up on my brush and the little that did, blended away. Harley ended up being the only dud in the palette, for me. 

The blush called Mahal is gorgeous! When swatching, Mahal needed to be built up and felt a tad dry. On the skin though, it doesn't feel dry in the least and it builds up beautifully. It's buildable, so you can apply a very light wash of color or really go to town with is, as I tend to prefer. Its such a perfect nude-pink shade that is going to be very universal for many skintones. 

Hollerr, the highlighter is gorgeous and my favorite thing in the palette. I am not a highlighter person so this says a lot. I think it's great that Melisa included three tones in this highlight so that it would be more universal, and swirled together it's beautiful! I love that this isn't a super yellow gold, or too dark either, it's a light champagne that looks ethereal on the skin. 

Even my daughter says this has become her go-to highlighter. 

The last item in the Melisa Micelle X Ulta Makeup Palette is the liquid lipstick in Scandy which is a perfect nudie pink shade. Again, this shade is going to be very universal, and it's one of those shades that's super versatile. You can wear Scandy alone, with lipliner to change up the shade a bit, or with other lip products. It's just a great mixer shade if you like to change up your lippies, or just beautiful on its own. I wear it on it's own and love it, so does my daughter.

The one issue with Scandy is that it is a bit tacky and that stickiness stays put for about 2-3 hours. I don't really press my lips together when wearing liquid lipsticks, so this is not an issue for me, plus it's not overly sticky. However, if you are super against tackiness in a lippe, you won't like this one. 

Overall the Melisa Michelle X Ulta Palette exceeded my expectations. I wasn't expecting too much from the shadows and they were much better than I thought. The blush and highlight are super nice and those are the two items I will probably use the most. I also really like the liquid lipstick.

Do I think you NEED this palette in your life? If you're a fan of Melisa Michelle, yes. If you're someone who doesn't have a big makeup collection looking for an all-inclusive palette for everyday, yes! If you're a makeup lover, again, yes! Really, this is a good buy, especially for the money. I really can't see anyone going wrong with this unless they already own a ton of high-end makeup. 

I love my little palette and my daughter is really enjoying hers as well, especially the highlighter and liquid lipstick. Today we are shipping the third palette to my daughter in Arizona and I am pretty sure she is going to enjoy it as well.

Buy the Melisa Micelle X Ulta Makeup Palette at Ulta for $20. Don't forget to use the $3.50 off coupon code on this purchase!

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