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Worth the HYPE? | Play! by Sephora the ICONIC EDITION

In case you haven't heard of the Play! by Sephora the ICONIC EDITION box, this was available a few weeks ago to Sephora VIB Rouge members as a more expensive and luxe edition of the popular Play! by Sephora box. This was not sold as a subscription, rather a one-time purchase. It was stated in the description that the items in the box would all be deluxe sizes, just like the regular Play! by Sephora box, but the feeling that I got is that the box would be amazing since we had to pay double what the box usually costs and it was exclusively for Sephora VIB Rouge members

I had a feeling that I would be let down by the Play! by Sephora the ICONIC EDITION, but I also thought it was worth trying in case Sephora really treated us to something really special. I also thought it would be something worth reviewing here for your guys, since they do plan on having more of these in the future.

So let's check out the contents of the first Play! by Sephora the ICONIC EDITION.

Guerlain L'Or Pure Radiance Face Primer : For me this was the most exciting item in the box. The full sized bottle is $74 and I have heard that it's an amazing primer. This primer has flecks of real gold in there, talk about luxe! 

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine Oil-in-Stick Lipstick in Strawberry Pink: Mind you, I love the original YSL tint-in-oils and I have been dying to try one of these. But this shade is not one that I would ever reach for, it's so bright! I had gotten one of these last year in a 500 point box and passed it on, so to see the very same shade once again was disappointing. I still plan on buying a more suitable shade for myself soon (full sized version is $37) so it's not that the product was a bust, just the shade.

There's a nice range of shades in this product and there are quite a few that are more universal, why this one I was picked for the box I have no idea. It's the #1 complaint that I have heard about this box - "that lippie is so unwearable."

Burberry Cat Lashes Mascara: I've gotten one of these deluxe sized mascaras (full sized version $30) in a sample bag from Sephora last year, I don't think I've tried it yet. I wasn't super excited about it knowing I already have one and because this mascara is not a newer launch. I'd have been happier with one of the new YSL, Dior, or Marc Jacobs mascaras, anything more exciting if you catch my drift. Still, it's a makeup item and for that I was happy. 

La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream: This was probably the most exciting product in the box for many people. I am not a skincare junkie so I can't say that I felt the same, though I do know all about La Mer and how expensive it is. Still, the brand name and cost are high on this one so I guess this product is one of the better ones. BTW- the price of a full sized tub of the La Mer Moisturizing Soft Cream is $310. What!??

Dior Poison Girl Perfume: The first of the two perfumes in this box, Poison Girl comes in a nice little box and it's actually a very beautiful, little bottle. This smells fruity and quite nice, I really like the scent. What confuses me though is why they included two perfumes in the box. Por que?

Tom Ford Black Orchid Perfume: Oh, I likey! This perfume has been on my whishlist for some time so I was happy to see it in here. But again, we didn't need two scents in one box. One of the two perfumes should have been another makeup item. Makeup really is the most popular in any box isn't it? I know some people like skincare and others love haircare, but I think everyone universally loves the makeup. The 1oz bottle of this perfume is $82 in case you would like to buy it for me :) 

The packaging of the Play! by Sephora the ICONIC EDITION was nice. It came in a black Sephora box that definitely made it seem like a little treat. But in my opinion the gold bag was incredibly cheap and badly made. The playbook that came in the box was very nicley made and you can tell it cost a pretty penny. But that book is a throwaway, I don't know if Sephora really thinks people are going to keep those. Why not spend the money that went into the book on better product and make a cheaper brochure or flyer?

Overall having received two perfumes, one pretty unwearable lip product and two great items didn't make this special edition play box a treat for me and I don't think it was worth the money. If you look at the price of the full sizes, the value might be there but the products were just not great picks overall. And having gotten a few of them last year with promo codes or points, there wasn't much excitement on anything for me besides the primer. 

If I had paid $10 then I might say the Play! by Sephora the ICONIC EDITION was worth it, for $20 it wasn't much of a treat for VIB Rouge members at all, in my opinion. After asking on all of my social media accounts, this is pretty much the consensus from people i heard from who also bought it. And I'm not saying that nobody liked it, I'm sure a lot of people are very happy with their playbox, but I personally was not.

Here's to hoping that the next Play! by Sephora the ICONIC EDITION will be better!

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