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Physicians Formula Matte Collection Quads | Classic Nudes & Canyon Classics

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Today I'm sharing two very affordable all-matte eyeshadow quads that you could find at your local drugstore that carries Physicians Formula. As far as I can tell, these have been around for quite a while. I purchased mine during one of their BOGO Free sales, making my palettes only $4 a piece, which is pretty amazing. You can find this type of deal very often at Rite Aid and very similar deals at CVS.

Physicians Formula Classic Nudes Palette

Physicians Formula Canyon Classics Palette

When I posted these palettes on social media, I received so many comments from many of my followers who have been using and loving them for a long time. Obviously, I arrived late to the party as many people already know about them. But for those of you that don't already have these or have maybe wondered about them, I thought they would be great to share. BTW - there is a third shade in this collection but I have not been able to find it yet. If I ever do, I will update this post with photos of it along with swatches.

Physicians Formula Quad in Classic Nudes

The more nude of the two palettes, this seems to be most popular online. This is a perfect everyday neutral quad, the only con for me is that the light shade in here could be more pigmented. The light shade in the other quad is def more pigmented but it's nice that both quads have a light shade to work with overall. The formula of these mattes is very silky soft, do expect some fall-out and make sure to tap off your brush.

Physicians Formula  Quad in Canyon Classics

For me this was the better of the two palettes, but I think it has to do more with the shade selection as I will always choose something a little more cool toned. Plus I think this color selection suits my skin tone better since the lighter shades in Classic Nudes are almost my skin tone. This palette has great pigmentation all-around, I especially love the two darkest shades. This also has a really nicely pigmented vanilla shade! Again, the formula is soft so make sure to tap off your brush.

Overall for $7.99 a palette (or less), I do think these are very much worth picking up if you are in need of some good quality everyday mattes that are affordable. For the price, you really do get a nice little palette that has very durable packaging that doesn't look overly cheap, each one with a small mirror inside and some really great shades that you can get a lot of use out of. I'm keeping Canyon Classics out for use of the vanilla shade myself and have been incorporating the mid-toned browns in a lot of looks too. If you buy these quads, I think you'll definitely get a lot of use from them.

Purchase the Physicians Formula Matte Quads at CVS and Ulta, and anywhere else that sells Physicians Formula.

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