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Wet N Wild Spring 2017 Color Icon Palettes

I hauled the highly coveted, Wet n Wild Spring 2017 Queen of My Heart collection a few weeks ago and hadn't had the chance to photograph and swatch everything. By now most of you should have your hands on this collection since it was released online after initially being hard to find in stores. 
 See my complete Queen of My Heart haul HERE.
The collection includes three Color Icon Palettes and I was so excited when I saw them. Last year's collection was all pastel shimmers and not super wearable, in my opinion. It was pretty and very pastel, and of course I bought it, but gave the shadows to my little one because I would not be able to wear them. See my 2016 Wet n Wild Spring Collection HERE. I think this collection is a lot more universally flattering and overall wearable, plus these shadows were so pretty on the display that I could not wait to get home with them!
 Heart And Heavy is my least favorite of the trios, but I really like the deeper shade in the middle.
Wet N Wild Spring 2017 Color Icon Palette in Heart And Heavy
 Swatches of Heart And Heavy in indoor lighting.
Swatches of Heart And Heavy in front of a window, this is where you can really appreciate the finish if the two shimmer shades.
Overall Heart And Heavy was okay, the crease shade in the middle has good pigmentation and the lid shade is very pretty. The only dud for me here was the brow bone shade which lacked in pigment, it was hard to pick up any product for the swatch and the formula felt off. I had to layer at least three times for the swatches. It is a brow bone shade so it really doesn't have to be pigmented, but the formula seemed so weird.
 Wet N Wild Spring 2017 Color Icon Palette in Will You Marina Me 
Will You Marina Me was the trio that I was most excited for when I first saw them. This trio is totally my color scheme, I was SO excited for the blue-green eyelid shade. Plus the brow bone in this trio looks absolutely stunning in the pan doesn't it? It's so pretty, it's mesmerizing. 
Unfortunately, the blue-green shade is not as amazing as I had hoped, which you can really tell in these swatches. Not just that, the crease shade is also not very pigmented. Thank goodness that the brow bone shade is really as amazing as it looks in the pan, especially in person. This shade totally saves the trip from being just mediocre. 
In these swatches of Will You Marina Me in front of a window, you can see that though not super pigmented, the shades can be built up to a point. But you won't ever get that full pigmentation that you see in the pan. 
Overall, I ended up kicking Will You Marina Me to second place after being so excited for it. I was totally imagining a blue-green and bronze, summer look and I feel like this palette only half delivers on my summer dreams. But I am quite in love with the brow bone shade and still think the trio is worth picking up. 
 Wet N Wild Spring 2017 Color Icon Palette in Hieroglyphic Heart
In Hieroglyphic Heart, it's the matte crease shade that really caught my eye since the first time I looked at it. Isn't that such a gorgeous shade? Well I was definitely surprised when all three of the shades in this palette ended up being absolutely stunning. Look at how beautiful this trio is!
 I knew this trio was pretty and that the middle shade was going to be perfect for my tastes, but I hadn't realized just how nice the other two shades were too. 
Hieroglyphic Heart is my #1 pick of the three Color Icon trios from this collection and I would even suggest getting a backup - like I did. Wet n Wild Limited Edition collections do eventually sell out and they do not come back, so if there is anything in this collection you really love, I suggest getting back ups immediately.
I am a huge fan of Wet n Wild, and their limited edition collections are my favorites. The Spring 2017 collection is a good one, and though I did not pick up the entire collection like I usually do, I am super happy with these trios and the highlighters. I am also hoping that there will be some polishes to go with the collection soon. 

At $2.99 each, I do think these eyeshadow palettes are worth picking up. Drugstores are having tons of Wet n Wild sales right now so you don't even have to pay full price for them. And don't forget that they are also on the Wet n Wild website. 

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