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Dupe That: Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème in Slow Burn

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One of the biggest questions that I get asked all the time is if I know of a dupe for a high-end product, especially lipsticks. Being the lover of drugstore lipsticks that I am, I have come upon quite a few dupes and realized it would make a great series for this blog. Some of the dupes I share will only be similar in shade, but I will try my best to find dupes that are also similar in formula whenever possible. Either way, having an affordable dupe for a more expensive product is always great and I hope this series can help you get a better deal or find a similar product to one you already love!

I'm going to start with a product that is hot, hot, hot and brand spanking new - the Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Lip Crème in Slow Burn. These Le Marc Liquid Lip Crèmes are $28 a pop, not super expensive, but by no means what I would call "affordable" either. The shade Slow Burn is a mauvey pink that happens to be a shade that I always gravitate to, meaning I have several shades in this family already. I knew I would be able to find another dupe/s for it easy enough within my collection.

In my stash I found two lipsticks that are pretty spot on shade wise, and one that is close.  

Wet n Wild Liquid Cat Suit in Rebel Rose $5.99
Mac lipstick in Brave $17.00
Mac lipstick in Mehr $17.00

The Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème in Slow Burn has a cream finish that is very comfortable. From the dupes I found, none has the same formula. 

  • Wet n Wild Liquid Cat Suit in Rebel Rose: matte, dry finish. This is a traditional liquid lipstick, though one of the most comfortable I have ever worn. 
  • Mac lipstick in Brave: satin formula, very comfortable. This is probably the closest in formula but it's the furthest in shade likeness. 
  • Mac lipstick in Mehr: matte finish. I love this matte formula a lot. It's matte while still being a bit creamy, but it's not as creamy as the Le Marc Lip Creme. 

I personally love different formulas of lipstick. So for me, having the same shade in different finishes is good, because I can wear the shade that I love, with the finish that I need depending on the day. This warm mauve shade is one of my favorites and I can't get enough of buying any lipstick I find in this color. 

Other dupes that I have my eyes set on: NARS Ana (just got at Christmas) and a Tom Ford lipstick (forgot the name) that I saw online the other day.

Whether you decide to go with the higher-end Marc Jacobs Lip Creme in Slow Burn, a mid-range MAC lipstick, or the very affordable Wet n Wild version, you can't go wrong. This mid-toned mauvey pink is a stunning shade that will look beautiful on all skin tones. I suggest picking up at least one of the versions.

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