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December Beauty Favorites

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It's almost the 15th of January, but if you've been here long, you know that my monthly favorites never go up on time. December was another great month of finding gems that were already part of my collection, plus I found some new stuff to love as well!
My first favorite of December has to be the Beauty Blender. It's taken this old lady long enough to get with the program of the beauty blender, I know! I  got this from one of my girls for my birthday two years ago and didn't really start using it constantly till December. I've used it here and there before and was always pretty happy with the results, but I wasn't willing to do the extra work. Using a Beauty Blender versus a brush takes a little more time, but honestly the results are so worth it. Plus the more that I use my Beauty Blender, the more I find that I can use it for many other things besides applying foundation. I'm enjoying getting to know the wonders of the magnificent Beauty Blender.
The Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation has been in my favorites before and it's because it's a great foundation. In December I went to Las Vegas and it's the only foundation I wore that week. It is winter and Las Vegas was pretty cold and rainy. But even though it wasn't hot, I wanted a full-coverage, matte foundation that what would last all day. Plus I found that applying it with the Beauty Blender and using the product below, really takes this foundation to a more wearable, everyday level for me, and I could not stop using the combo even when we got back.
The Pixi Beauty Glow Mist, is the bomb. Full disclosure - the brand did send me this product. This is one of those products that you hear a lot of talk about, so much talk that you might not think it's all true, but after trying it for a few weeks I can tell you that this stuff is pretty amazing. I have dry skin which gets extremely dehydrated and scaly during the winter. Two sprays of this product after applying the Estee Lauder foundation and I still have the same full coverage I want, but it turns the foundation from a matte and dryer finish, to the most beautiful skin like coverage. It simply makes your skin look healthy, beautiful and glowing without being greasy. Even my matte blushes look like they have a sheen when I apply this, and I love the healthy and nourished look it gives my skin. I've also heard this is really good for using during your skin care regimen and that's how I plan on using it next, I will update on that soon.

If you're enjoy using Mac Fix + during your makeup application, then I think this is a product you will really enjoy. And Pixi Beauty Glow Mist is only $15, which is a bit less than Mac Fix+.
I purchased the Mac Paint Pot in Soft Ochre a few months ago but since I have so many eyeshadow primers, I don't use it as often as I should. In December I made it a point to reach for it more often and I was reminded that it's really a great product. It makes all of my eyes shadows stand out a lot more, it helps with the staying power and I also think that it helps with fall-out. My eyelids are pretty dry and I find that many matte eyeshadows tend to look dryer on my eyelids or I will have a ton of fall out, this product really helps with both of those problems. It's so creamy and soft that it helps those dryer shadows stick to my skin and they look smoother on my wrinkly lids.
The Kat Von D Shade + Light Eyeshadow Palette has been in my collection for some time, but it's another one of those products that I have not taken advantage of. So when I was packing for Las Vegas I made sure that I packed this as my only matte palette and sure enough, I discovered how amazing it is! I mean, I knew it was good, I just never used it. So a full week in Vegas and I was so happy with the many looks I got just with the two palettes I took along. 

I think this is definitely going to turn into my matte go-to palette. It's got such a nice variety that no matter what look I am working on, I can incorporate it into it. Plus the vanilla shade on top is also really good for setting my concealer. I'm thrilled to have finally really "discovered" this gem in my stash!
The second palette that I took to Las Vegas is the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Palette, which is actually my most used palette of 2016. I always take this palette on vacation with me and it's because it's SO GOOD! I love the formula of these shadows so much, it's a more creamy formula that goes on my dryer lids like a dream, lasts all day and the shades are so pretty. Plus this palette is super-affordable at only $32. I will be ordering the second version during the next Sephora VIB sale in April. 

I will be doing a full post on this palette this month because it was my most used eyeshadow palette of 2016 and I haven't even reviewed it on here. So look for that very soon with full swatches!
Lorac Color Source Buildable Blush in Cinematic, this blush was pretty inexpensive because I got it during Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty, and yet it's such a wonderful blush. It's the one blush I kept reaching for over and over again during December and even in November. Cinematic is a muted rosy brown perfect for almost any makeup look, it's very versatile. It's a little powdery because it's so soft so you just have to be gentle when dipping your brush into it. It is also more pigmented than you would expect, so start off by grabbing a small amount. But I love it and think you will too. I've actually had to stop myself from using it so I can move on to my other new blushes, but if you're looking for a neutral everyday blush, then I do recommend this one highly. 
I had two favorite lipsticks in the month of December and it's funny because these two lipsticks were brand new in November. Yep! And I'd had both of them for quite a while. So in December I pulled both out and loved using them so much separately and especially in combination with each other.
These are Mac's Julia Petit Lipstick on Boca (a soft pink nude) and Sin (burgundy) from the Mac Toledo collection. Boca was a limited edition shade but I'm pretty sure there are many dupes for it and Sin is part of the regular collection. Alone and together these two lippies were my most reached for in December and the only two I took with me to Las Vegas. 
I have a few favorite Wet n Wild polishes but this one has to be in the top three for sure. This is Wet n Wild Megalast Polish in Pop-Up Bluetique. I have three polishes in this similar blue and they are all amazing. I am such a huge fan of Wet n Wild polishes, they're cheap and great quality, plus the limited edition collections are always so fun!
I hope you've enjoyed a look into my December 2016 favorites. I can't believe how quickly 2016 went by. I'm really looking forward to a whole new year of new favorites and "old" favorites from my stash. That's actually what I hope to have more of since shopping my own stash is one of my beauty goals for the year. 
I can't wait to see what this year brings when it comes to beauty products and I look forward to going through the journey with you!

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