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Sephora VIB Sale Haul #SephoraVIBSale

Here it is guys, the damage that was done during the recent Sephora VIB Rouge sale. Yikes! If you follow me on social media, then you've seen this stuff but it was finally time that I put them down in a post. I won't even talk about how much was spent in this haul, because it was a lot. BUT to my defense, I did have a very nice Ebates payment and a little bit of cash from an ad I sold on my other blog, so I had some extra room to spend. I did end up going over budget though, which I'm pretty sure was the same case with everyone else, but that 20% off discount really only comes by twice a year and it's hard not go go absolutely ballistic. 

FYI: I do have my spring VIB Sale Haul on here from earlier this year if you want to check that out as well. Comparing the two hauls, I definitely spent a lot more this time. See that haul HERE

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Natural Perfection Foundation : This is a foundation that I have been coveting for some time, but the $62 price tag definitely held me back. That's why I went ahead splurged on it with the discount. Unfortunately, it's a shade too dark and I have to wait until it restocks back online (not available in stores) but for sure I am a fan. I've worn it twice and it's incredibly lovely, so I can't wait to get the right shade so I can really test it out.  

Nars Duo Eyeshadows: Something else that I have been drooling over for what seems a lifetime are the Nars Duo Eyeshadows. I've actually gone in store and swatched them many times so I was thrilled to finally get to order one with the discount. I ordered the shade Kalahari which is a bronze pearl/milk chocolate duo that is gorgeous and right up my alley. I have a feeling this will turn into one of my favorites. 

The Estée Edit Gritty & Glow Magnetic Eye and Face Palettes: THIS. I mean, do I even have to write anything about these amazing palettes? I could literally die just looking at these, especially the eyeshadow palette which is the one I knew I had to have. I haven't worn these yet but I have swatched on my social media channels and I can tell you that they are BOMB. 

Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 5: Another item that I have oogled at for months and months. In fact a few of these have been living in my Beautylish shopping cart but they're pretty pricey at $48 a pop so I hadn't yet pulled the trigger. That's why I was excited when Natasha Denona came available at Sephora a few months ago. That's when I knew the time had come. 

It was hard deciding between this palette #2 and the #4 which has some gorgeous bronze and plum shades. In the end, I decided this would be more of an everyday wearable palette. As of this post, I have used it a few times and I can say that I am in love. Look for a full review very soon!

Huda Beauty Lip Contour Set: I picked up two of these sets in the same shade for gift giving. Both of my girls really enjoy nude shades and these sets are a great deal at the regular price of only $24 for two deluxe sized lippies and a full-sized lip liner.

I won't be reviewing these since they were both purchased to gift, but I might pick up all the sets in the future. 

Benefit Sassie Lassie Chick Picks Beauty Bestsellers Kit: This kit is sold out at the moment and I can see why. I shared this as part of my picks for the sale because value wise it's one of the best of they holiday season. This set includes 3 full-sized Benefit products and I wish I'd had enough to order a few more. 

The Benefit Sassie Lassie Chick Picks Beauty Bestsellers Kit is a great gift for the holidays and will be gifted to one of my kids. If these products have been on your watch list or are already favorites, then keep an eye out for when it restocks! It's such a great value, even without the 20% off. 

Sephora Favorites Perfume Travel Sampler: I was going to purchase a YSL Black Opium Rollerball and then realized that this would be a cuter way to gift it to one of my girls. I'd also always been curious about these little sets and wondered how they worked. In this set, you get 7 deluxe sample fragrances, which is a great way for the receiver to wear them all and decide which they like the most. Once they decide which is their pick, they take the included certificate and get their full-sized rollerball from Sephora. I love this idea! 

Invictus Cologne by Paco Robanne: I was going to buy the 3.4oz bottle of this cologne for my boyfriend but decided to grab the limited edition HUMONGO size of 5.1oz. This bottle is super huge and it's actually a little tacky once you see how big it is. But the large size was the better value and the 20% off really helped. My boyfriend wears cologne every single day and will go though a bottle in a few months, so maybe now this will last him a bit longer. The limited edition size does not seem to be in stock anymore, but I do recommend this if you're looking for a really great smelling mens cologne. 

Natasha Denona Star Palette: This was an early gift from one of my girls, and a very generous one considering this palette is $169! Yep, insanity. But it is a generous gift and I do want to give it a full shot, though it's hard to look at it with an open mind knowing how crazy high it's priced. I will be trying it these next weeks to see if it's worth that big chunk of change and I will be putting up a full review once I have my full thoughts on it. 

And that ladies and gents, was my Sephora VIB haul. There are other items I wanted, like the Huda Rose Gold Palette but I am leaving that for December, if it's still on stock by then. In the meantime, I now have more items to review here for you and I am very pleased with my haul. I'd love to know what you purchased during the Sephora VIB sale so let me know in the comments. 

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