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LORAC MegaPro 3 #Holidays2016

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Hey guys, sorry to have been away so long. We've had a pretty hard few weeks with a family emergency and I am incredibly backed up with reviews for you. But hopefully I am back to normal here and can get started on posting and bringing you all the hot new stuff, especially the holiday stuff which is already launching! Yes, the holidays have arrived as of September and I already have a good stack of products to share with you. Today we are talking about the Lorac Mega Pro 3 palette which officially launches tomorrow October 2nd at Ulta. I got it last weekend during the Ulta Platinum Perk and received it on Thursday. 

The Lorac Mega Pro 3 is an Ulta exclusive and is priced at $59.

Lorac Mega Pro 3
Lorac Mega Pro 3
Lorac Mega Pro 3
Lorac Mega Pro 3
Lorac Mega Pro 3

The Lorac Mega Pro 3 is a stunning white palette with rose gold details, which is going to get dirty pretty fast but it's beautiful. 

I like this white cover a lot more than last years blue cover. 

The Lorac Mega Pro 3 features 16 matte and 16 shimmery shadows. I do have last year's palette and I was very excited to see that the shades from both years are quite different. 

Having only gotten the palette two days ago, I still haven't gotten to actually wear it on the eyes but here are swatches of every single shade to help you decide if you will be picking it up this year.

the swatches

First row of mattes Lora Mega Pro 3. This is my favorite row from the palette, it's so dusty and romantic and I just love the shades.

Second row of mattes Lora Mega Pro 3. There are a few shades in here that I think are gorgeous, like Maple. That one is def my favorite of the entire row.

The star, for me, of the Lora Mega Pro 3 palette is the third and first shimmer row. I think the first row is the prettiest, but the third row in this palette is the bomb. These shades are super beautiful, super shimmery and just perfection. 

I live swatched these on Snapchat where I shared my reactions and I could not believe just how good this row is. Every single shade in the third row is a winner in my book.

The last row of the Lora Mega Pro 3 is also a beautiful row filled with shimmer shades but only three of the shades were as shimmery as all of the ones in the first shimmer row. My favorites in this row that I think do have that gorgeous shimmery finish are: Tule, Rust and Rose Quartz. I also really like Olive though I think it could be a lot more shimmery. The shade Pomegranate, which was one of the ones I was most excited about fell short for me, I think it lacks both pigmentation and shimmer. 

Overall I'm happy with the Lorac Mega Pro 3. I love that top row so much and I think the third row makes it a really great palette. For $59 you get 32 Lorac shadows, which is a great deal and you get a limited edition holiday release that you'll be using for years and years. So yes, this is a go for me and I can't wait to actually get to use mine. Don't forget the Lorac Mega Pro 3 launches tomorrow October 2nd at Ulta.com. 

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