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Dior Diorskin Star Fluid Foundation SPF 30 Review

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I am something of a foundation lover (what a surprise right?) and yet I never review any on here. I just find foundations to be something that is harder to review because foundations are very personal preference. But seeing as I own so many really great foundations, I am going to start reviewing them here to my best ability, giving you my thoughts and experiences to see if they can help you in any way. I am starting this new foundation series with a gorgeous and quite high-end foundation that didn't work for me 100% but that I still think is wonderful. Let's talk about the Dior Diorskin Star Fluid Foundation.

Visually Dior Diorskin Star Foundation is a stunner! It comes in a gorgeous, ultra luxurious glass bottle. I own some pretty spiffy foundations and this is definitely the prettiest one of all with it's iridescent glass and black lid. Dior Star definitely looks expensive, which it is. 

You can buy Dior Star foundation by shelling out $50, which is not the most expensive foundation but it's also not the cheapest. However, it is Dior and as someone who owns another foundation from this brand, that's pretty much what I expected it to cost. My other Dior foundation is the Dior Nude Air and I adore that one. After loving Nude Air for a full year, expectations were set pretty high for Dior Star. 

Super important in any foundation, especially such an expensive one is the pump. I own NARS Sheer Glow and still don't get why it doesn't have a pump, so I love that Dior Star has a wonderful pump that dispenses smaller amounts of product. I usually use two pumps of foundation but with Star I have to use 3. I like that it dispenses less product because I won't waste as much. 

The shade that I picked out, which is just the tiniest light on me is 031. On Sephora's page there are only 13 shades of this foundation, which is not great. However, I feel that this shade did work well for me and my more neutral skin tone. 

Dior Diorskin Star Fluid Foundation in shade 031.

Dior Diorskin Star Fluid Foundation is a medium finish foundation that contains SPF 30. Perfect for wearing everyday since I happen to be out in the sun a few times a day. This formula is supposed to deliver a brightening, lit from within finish, almost as if you were sitting under the professional lighting at Dior studios. It's supposed to be amazing for photography and it's supposed to be very lightweight on the skin. 

Performance: I am so mixed about Dior Star. On one hand it definitely delivers on giving your skin a beautiful finish, it looks simply gorgeous on, especially right after application. Yes, it's also very lightweight, you can't even feel it on the skin. With three pumps I get a very full medium coverage and it really works with my skin to make it look better. BUT, it is so unpredictable. 

I wore Dior Star for about two weeks and I found that depending on the weather, it would either be amazing all day or wear off my face. On the days that Dior Star wears good, it really wears good. It made my skin look healthy with a natural glow and when I caught glimpses of myself I would be like, wow! I also found on those days that it would stay on for about 7-8 hours with no wearing off at all. It does get shiny pretty quick, in about 3 hours on the t-zone but all that needed is some light blotting or powder. This shininess happened whether I set it or not. 

On warm or humid days it was a totally different story. It still looked gorgeous upon application and for a few hours, but after 3-4 hours it would start to wear off, especially on the nose. One day in particular all I did was drive in my car for three hours on a very humid, rainy night, and by the time I reached my destination most of the foundation had come off my nose. Pretty crazy right? It definitely doesn't get along well with humidity and can hang for a while in the heat, but not for the same amount of time as many of my other foundations. And that's where the problem lays for me with Dior Star. For a $50 foundation, I need it to stick around no matter the weather or temperature. I own some killer foundations, a few that are cheaper, than stick around even during my summers which can get up to 115°. I simply can not keep a foundation that only works with me half the time, especially at that price. 

It was hard for me to part with Dior Star Foundation, but I have exchanged it for Dior Forever which I think might work better for me. I still think Dior Star is gorgeous for combo and dry skin: I would recommend it for special occasions and anytime that you don't need 8-12 hours of wear. I don't think it would be great for oily skin or anyone living in a very humid area. But I would definitely reconsider it in the future if I lived somewhere cooler. I have a feeling that Dior Forever and I will be a match and I will be back soon to review that here for you as well. For now I hope this review of Dior Star helps you figure out if you want to give it a try. 

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