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Jesse's Girl Masquerade Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

One of my greatest pleasures when it comes to makeup and beauty is finding a good deal. If you follow me on social media, you know that I am always hunting those deals and those hidden gems that cost very little but pack a big punch. Today, I have what is probably one of the most exciting little finds that I have ever scored while doing my drugstore running around. 

This is the Jesse's Girl Masquerade Palette which I found at Rite Aid for only $4.99. 

When I spotted this palette out of the corner of my eye, I literally did a u-turn and came back to see what the colorful goodness was that had caught my eye. I saw these adorable little palettes and immediately picked one up, thinking that they looked like cheaper versions of an Urban Decay Vice Palette. 

Vice Palettes are full of jewel tones and all kinds of gorgeous shades, but they are SO expensive...that when I saw this I wondered if by any way I might have found a really affordable alternative for those that don't have over $50 to spend one on Urban Decay Paletette. 

Spoiler alert: maybe the Jesse's Girl masquerade palette is not a full dupe for Urban Decay shadows, but it's a gorgeous little palette that packs an insane punch color and these shadows have the most amazing finish. 

I still can not get over how beautifully this swatched and though I haven't yet tried it on the eyes yet because wanted to get swatches up for all of you as fast as possible, I know it's going to be great. Below you can see swatches of all of the rows of shadows, one where you can really appreciate the pigmentation and another where you can see the beautiful finish of each eyeshadow. 

the swatches

The formula of the Jesse's Girl Masquerade Eyeshadow Palette is something of a gel-to-powder, which means almost no fall out or mess. The formula is super soft and incredibly pigmented, plus the metallic/shimmery finishes are incredible. I am super impressed with this little palette that is so cheap yet packs so much good stuff. I plan on picking up a second for one of my girls. As of writtng this post I still have not used the shadows on my eyes, when I do I will update here. Have you guys spotted the Jesse's Girl Masquerade Eyeshadow Palette yet? 

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