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Black Radiance Dramatic Eyes Shadow & Eyelash Palette Swatches: Legendary

You guys know that I love high-end makeup but that my passion and true happiness comes in form of drugstore makeup right? So you can only guess just how happy I am to have found another great gem for ya'll from the drugstore at a super affordable price. Today I popped in to Rite Aid hoping to find the fall Wet n Wild line and passed a brand new Black Radiance Limited Edition display that immediately caught my eye. I think it was the yellow packaging and the really beautiful girl on the display that first caught my eye, then the price. I stopped and opened up one of the palettes and was gobsmacked with some of the most beautiful shades I've ever seen. Let me introduce you to the Black Radiance Dramatic Eyes Shadow & Eyelash Palette in the shade Legendary. Just feast your eyes on these gorgeous shades and tell me they are not stunning!

When I opened up the palette in Legendary I had to ooh and aah at the color story, specifically the top two shades which are totally my jam. 

Black Radiance Dramatic Eyes Shadow & Eyelash Palette in the shade Legendary is a quad of gorgeous shimmer shadows that includes a pair of faux lashes so you can get your complete and most dramatic eye look. This collection officially launched today and I am excited to have found it so quick and to be able to give you guys the 411 on it. 

The palette has really simple packaging. It's a very light cardboard palette with a magnetic closure that works pretty well. The shadows are encased in a really light plastic casing and there is a plastic cover sealing the shadows in store which you can keep or throw out. I personally always throw those out. So the packaging is nothing to write home about but it's not terrible, you are after all only paying $7.99 for this palette. But again, I find the packaging to be fine, I have no problems with it. 

The Black Radiance Dramatic Eyes Shadow & Eyelash Palette also comes with instructions for creating a dramatic eye, which is good for those of us who could use some help. 

On the side of the shadows you can also find a pair of faux lashes to add more drama to you look should you be a false lash wearer. I've never worn a pair in my life but I like that they thought to add a pair in the palette instead of adding a sponge tool or something else that would be a total waste. After using those lashes up you can probably use the space to store the lashes you are currently working with. I know my girls leave their lashes all over the house so this would provide a clean spot to store them. 

Now let's talk about the best part of this palette, the shadows!!!! It was love at first sight for me and I hoped so bad that they would swatch the way the look in the pans and they're actually even better. Just see for yourself. 

the swatches

I was SO not dissappointed by these eyeshadows, just look how beautiful they are! The gold shade, which was the one I was most excited for, has the most amazing metallic finish and it's incredible soft. That swatch is one swipe. 

The other shades, specifically 2 and 3 from the bottom are incredible as well and the 4th shade is nice though it's not as pigmented or shimmery. Overall incredible though and they totally surpassed my expectations. 

The Black Radiance Dramatic Eyes Shadow & Eyelash Palette in the shade Legendary seems to be a must buy. As of today I have not worn it on my eyes, I am sharing swatches quickly and have not gotten to try them on the eyes but when I do I will update here. For now I am so excited about this palette and can not believe what a gem I scored for only $7.99.

There is one more palette in this collection which I went back to pick up this evening and I will be swatching hopefully tomorrow. I just want to get photos and swatches up for you all asap. I am looking forward to trying this palette on my eyes and to swatching the second shade for you very soon. I am so excited about how the drugstore is giving us these amazing palettes at such great prices! 

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