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Ulta 20% Off Platinum Member Haul

June and July have been all about the Ulta hauls. In June we had a Platinum Perk sale where they gave platinum members a really good price on some Tarte palettes, which I shared here. Then there was my order for the Tarte Swamp Queen Palette, the order where I got the Lorac Pro 3 and then just last week we had the Ulta Summer Sale Haul. Way too many orders for such a small amount of time if you ask me, but I just can't pass a good deal and that's where today's haul comes in. This was actually from about 2 weeks ago when Ulta gave 20% off coupons to their Platinum members. I had already bought everything I wanted and was not even expecting this coupon or I MIGHT have waited. So by the time that I woke up to a 20% off coupon I had no idea what I was going to spend it on, but of course I couldn't let the coupon go to waste so I did decided to order something that had been on my wish list for a while, the Naked 2. In order to hit the $50 free shipping amount I added 2 L'Oreal foundations that were BOGO 50% off. Overall I saved $14.70 from the coupon plus an extra $3 in points I had, not a bad deal at all. 

The only problem now is that since I already had the original Urban Decay Naked I have come to realize that they are quite similar to each other and that I probably don't need both. Since getting it I have used it once and though I do think that the look I got was pretty, it really wasn't enough to justify a second $58 palette that looks a lot like another I already own, even if I got it on sale. 

It's a real shame if I have to return it because I paid the full price for the original Urban Decay Naked and the Urban Decay Smokey, so it would be quite sad to send back the one that I actually got on sale. I might just offer it to a friend who will appreciate the lower price and actually use it. BTW: when I pass things onto my friend I always give her a really nice discount from what I paid. Normally I'm just trying to make it back a little bit of my money and not have a product sit unused, I'm not trying to make a profit off of her. 

As for the L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation and the L'Oreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation, those are good. The L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation is a fave of Cici's and we can always use a back up, plus I am testing out the Pro Glow and actually look forward to really using it once colder weather arrives. 

So this wasn't the biggest haul but even with the savings I spent about $60, which goes to show you how expensive Urban Decay palettes really are. But I am glad I used my 20% off coupon and I hope to be smarter next time it comes around and actually have a larger wish list to draw from. I hope not too have anymore of these hauls in at least the next few months, I really want to hold off for the holiday sales and want to start putting money aside for those. What about you, have you hauled anything from Ulta and if so I'd love to know what goodies you scored!

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  1. I bought the Naked 2 a couple years back. I really loved the shade Booty Call as a inner high light. It is easily dupable.