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#MOTD Weekly Round-Up w/ Mini Reviews

Welcome to another installment of my #MOTD Weekly Round-Up. This is where I share the makeup I wore the week prior and share a few standouts and fails. This is a series that I came up with in order to help me rotate my makeup collection faster and wear makeup more often. When one owns so much amazing make up as I do it's hard to believe that most of the time you go without it, but it is the case when life gets so busy. That's why I thought this would be a great way to get me to put more make up on my face and to really use a lot more product. And so far, I do think that it is working.

Standouts: The L'Oreal Magic Nude was a definite stand out for me. I know that you will hear me say pretty much the same thing about most of my foundations but that's because I have made it a point to own foundations that are really good and the L'Oreal Magic Nude is no exception. While this is a pricier drugstore foundation, it is a very nice one to pick up if you can find it on sale the way that I did. I think I only paid $6 for mine. Another standout is the Bite Beauty Crayon that I got as a Sephora points perk. First of all the scent absolutely amazing and then the color is so gorgeous. I do not own any full-size products in this range because they are so pricey, but one of these days I will.

Fails: The Lorac Pro 3 is the one item in this picture that I wasn't completely happy with. You will see it a few more times in this post but at the end I did end up returning it. It's not so much the pallet, it's more me, the color arrangement is not exactly my style and I got so much fallout from it, especially from the shimmery shades that I decided it was better to return it. I own too many amazing palettes to keep any that are just average, or worse, that I won't use.

Standouts: The Nars blush in Goulue which I got with my VIB Rouge Sephora renewal is a definite stand out for me. This shade of blush so beautiful and so perfect. I love how it is not too deep and how it is it's just a very neutral blush for every day. This is the third shade of Nars single blushes that I own and that might be my favorite.

Fails: At the same time that the Nars Blush is my fave that Nars mascara is my least favorite of this photo. This sample size mascara is courtesy of 100 point perk from Sephora and unfortunately it really sucks. It has a very spiky brush that just gives me the clumpiest lashes and I'm only using it up because it's so darn expensive. 

Standouts: If there was one thing that has excited me this year it was the launch of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance  Palette. From the very first day when I saw a teaser photo of this palette, I knew that it was going to be one of my favorites of life. The color range in this palette just speaks to me so much and thank goodness that the quality is absolutely superb. So far this year, this has got to be one of my favorite launches, if not my favorite.

Fails: none

Standouts: My Mac Palette is always a stand out. I put this palette together and really filled it to the brim with shades I love, though I know it's missing a highlight shade and maybe another vanilla-type shade. But I can get so many looks from this palette and these shadows are all SO good, I love it. 

Fails: The Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Foundation is in this section two reasons: the color is a smidge too light and the formula doesn't work perfectly with my dryer skin. But I think that if you have oilier skin and can get a shade that matches you, then you might really like this. This gave me a medium to full coverage and a really flawless finish. I was able to make it semi-work by really moisturizing beforehand and by adding a ton of Mac Fix+ but really I don't think it's made for dryer skin. And seriously, why are there only 4 shades?

Standouts: The LancĂ´me Nude Miracle Foundation is another favorite of mine. This foundation has light to medium coverage and feels as if you're wearing nothing on your skin. This is one of those foundations that is liquid-to-powder and does a really good job of keeping oil at bay. Another standout has to be Mac's D is for Danger lipstick, this is one of my very favorite Mac shades and you simply can't go wrong with it. 

Fails: none

Overall I had another successful week of putting my makeup collection to good use. I think I am doing a good job rotating my foundations and probably just need to concentrate on pulling out older lipsticks, those are the makeup items that I own the most of and I need to find a way to use more of them faster. I hope you have enjoyed this peek into my daily makeup and would love to know what some of your favorite makeup items are. 

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