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Welcome to VIB Rouge 2016

I thought it would be fun to share with you guys and the little gift that I received from Sephora a few weeks ago for reaching my VIB Rouge Status again. I became a VIB Rouge last year during the VIB sale in December so it took me technically under six months to reach the status again this year, which is pretty crazy, but there have just been so many launches this year that there is now way around it for a beauty junkie like myself. 

Last year's VIB Rouge gift was a Marc Jacobs lipstick that is somewhere in my makeup collection, I don't think I ever even wore it. This year it was a lot more exciting to reach the status because we would be getting a cute Nars Blush in an exclusive shade, and who doesn't want a baby Nars blush?

Sephora VIB reward in  Nars Blush in Goulue, an exclusive shade to VIB Rouge members. 

I haven't used my Nars Blush in Goulue yet but I do find the shade to be very beautiful. I was actually waiting to take these photos before using it, so this week I will be getting to put it on. I can't wait. 

I have my Sephora VIB Rouge status until December 2017 and that's pretty cool because the perks are nice are Sephora, my favorite being the free 2-day shipping. I definitely like this status more than my Platinum membership at Ulta where I feel there are less perks and the shipping is incredibly slow. Hey, and next month I also get my free b-day gift, another great little perk of Sephora's and one available to everyone who is a member. For now I can't wait to use my baby Nars blush!

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