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ColourPop 2nd Birthday #BirthdayBoy Haul

As I mentioned just last week I did place a ColourPop order on the day that Birthday Boy promotion began. This is one of the most exciting orders that I have ever placed with ColourPop and really it has to do with the new collection that I purchased. 

Let's check out my entire haul, it's actually not that big but it's super, super exciting!

It's funny how I could be so excited with such a small order but that's because ColourPop is just so amazing. One of the things that I was sharing with a few friends this past week is that ColourPop really lets you get your shopping fix without spending too much. Sure, if you go on there and buy everything it's going to be a lot of money. But for most of us who place regular orders, we usually hit that $35 free shipping mark and have a batch of new goodies and we don't spend as much as one high-end item at Sephora. The price point for ColourPop products is just amazing and it's not even just an affordable brand, it's and affordable brand with amazing quality.

The first item is a ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in Beeper, which is a second tube for my daughter who is about to finish her first one. At this point she has about seven or eight of the Ultra Matte Lips and this one is her very favorite shade.

The second item is a ColourPop Lippie Stix from the new Matte X Formula in Back up. It was really hard to pick just one of these out because there's quite a few shades but I decided to go with a purple berry color which is one of my favorites. I really like the original formula of the Lippie Stix and can't wait to see how this more matte version applies and wears.

Next I ordered a ColourPop Brow Colour in Bangin Brunette. I've been really curious about trying the Anastasia pomade but decided to go with this version first just in case it's really good, and it is a fraction of the cost at $6 a pot. In person I think this it's a little lighter than I was hoping for so I'm not sure that the shade will be OK for me but I will definitely try very soon.

Now for the items that I wasn't expecting to purchase but is the most exciting in my order is the new Jenn Ne Sais Quad. This is their brand-new four piece collection and collaboration with Jenn Im, well I'm guessing is a YouTube or something I don't actually know.  But I do know is that as soon as I saw the shades in this collection I could not wait to order it because they are stunning! These shades are so up my alley and in person there even more amazing than when I saw on the computer screen.

This collection consists of one metallic shade, two satin shades, and one matte, and I don't think each shade is just beautiful on it's own I think they complement each other so perfectly.

The last item that I have to share with you is the one that everybody went crazy for and it is the limited-edition ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Birthday Boy. This special shade was released to commemorate their second birthday and is brother to last year's Birthday Girl. I love the magenta pot that it comes in and the cute little birthday crown. This shade is no longer available on their website as it was ja limited-edition release and came free with every order that was placed while it was still in stock. 

This post contains no swatches because I literally got the stuff yesterday later on in the day but I do hope to have swatches of everything for you and just a few days so definitely keep an eye out for that post. Basically my first impressions of everything is that I am totally in love and cannot wait to try it all out. What about you, did you manage to score anything during ColourPop's second birthday bash? Let me know if you did and definitely look for a swatch and review post coming very soon.

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