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Black Radiance Eye Appeal Shadow Collection in Island Blues

Recently the brand Black Radiance has begun to pop up in stores that are not too far from me. Since it's not a brand that was here before I was really excited to bump into it at both Target and Walmart. This is a brand that I actually know very little about so when I saw the palettes that look exactly like the 8-pan Wet n Wild palettes, I knew that I needed to know more. Today I want to share with you the first of the two 8-pan Black Radiance Eye Appeal Shadow Collection palettes that I have purchased thus far. 

This is the Black Radiance Black Radiance Eye Appeal Shadow Collection in Island Blues and if you know me at all you know that I love blue eyeshadow. However, most of the blues in this pallet are not exactly the blues that I happen to favor, but still when I saw the mix of these shades along with the beautiful browns in this palette, I knew I had to have it. 

Tell me, is this not one of the most stunning eyeshadow palettes that you have seen in your life? I mean, I know the blues are not exactly my favorite, but those brown shades are to die for, and then the mix together TRULY makes for a beautiful collection of shadows.

I found this particular pallet at Walmart for $5.99 and I do believe that Target has them for a dollar more so if you are looking for them and want to save some money, definitely look for them at Walmart. But either way they are super affordable and that's my favorite part.

Honestly I could look at this eyeshadow palette all day, but I think I have given you guys enough photos to look at. Now let's talk about the actual swatches, shall we?

The Swatches

Straight off the bat I will let you know that I do not like the top two blue eyeshadows in these swatches, both of them were not very pigmented and felt a bitch chalky. But those two are the only two shades that I think are really problematic. When talking about the two browbone shades it is exactly the opposite, these are two of the softest and most buttery eyeshadows I have ever felt in my life. In fact they are so buttery and soft that when you swatch them with your finger they pick up so much product that it looks kind of crumbly. But I do think that both shades will deliver differently on the eyes when applied with a brush. But they are so soft, you have to feel them!

Eyeshadows 3 and 4 are both very nice. I do think the 3rd one could be a bit more metallic because I know that Wet n Wild can make a killer metallic/shimmer shadow but this one is ok. In person it's very pretty. Then the 4th shade is beautiful (browbone) and super creamy. I think that this is definitely going to turn into a go-to browbone shade for me.

The next two shades are the better blue shades, especially the navy blue. These two are not as chalky as the other two blue shades and they are both more pigmented. I really like the navy shade but that is a personal preference. The last two shades are really good. You have the buttery soft browbone shade (though it's a bit dark for a browbone in my opinon) and then that gorgeous super pigmented brown. Both really good shades.

Overall I have to say that the Black Radiance Eye Appeal Shadow Collection in Island Blues is a winner. Yes, two of the shades are not that great but the ones that are good, are very good. The two browbone shades alone are enough reason to purchase this pallet because I don't think I have ever felt such soft, and buttery eyeshadows in my life. I also really enjoy the four different tones of brown that we have in this palette and I really like the navy blue shade a lot as well.

Do I recommend this pallet? Without even having tried it on my eyes I can definitely recommend it. I have tried the other shade that I purchased and it was really really good so I'm sure this one will be the same. I think that for the price you can definitely not go wrong with this eyeshadow palette and I hope that if it's not in your area yet that it will be soon. If you're a fan of brown and blue eyeshadows I think you will totally dig this one.

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