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Collection: My ColourPop Super Shock Shadow Singles

Today was a really big day in the beauty world because ColourPop is celebrating their second birthday and giving away a birthday eyeshadow just like they did last year, and just like everybody else I had to get my order on. During events like this one and their last 20% off sale, things got so hectic that they started using a queue system for people to be able to go into the site place their order and leave without making it crash. The first people in queue this morning waited for up to an hour, I held my horse later on in the day and only had to spend 15 minutes in line before I got into place my order. 

As I now excitedly wait for my order to arrive along with my free eyeshadow, I decided that I should share with you all my ColourPop Super Shock Shadow singles because they are absolutely awesome and I've actually never shared them on here. So I have seven singles and a six piece collection which I will be sharing the next few days. I'm actually shocked that I don't have more eyeshadows because they're really, really great and only $5 a pop. But in today's haul I did order the new four piece collection, which I will be sharing that once it arrives.

I shall begin with Birthday Girl. ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow in Birthday Girl is the shade that they released for their first birthday, a year ago, and gave away for free just like they are doing today with Birthday Boy. Birthday Girl is a medium brown shadow with gold and bronze glitter, I love it's limited edition pink packaging and have only used it a handful of times but it's a shade that I definitely love.

The next shade is one of my first two that I ever purchased. This is the ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow in Nillionire. This is a really warn bronze with tons and tons of large gold flecks and is beautiful in person! I've worn this one a lot and my favorite way to wear it is on it's own with a ton of mascara. Because of the chunky glitters it's hard to apply with a brush so I suggest packing it on with your fingers. Also, it does have some fallout because of it's chunkiness and you will find a little piece of glitter here there during the day but I don't mind that at all because this is my favorite of my ColourPop eyeshadow.

ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow in Stereo with part of one of their 90s collection and I remember that I got this plus a few others during their 20% off sale a few months ago. This is such a beautiful blackened burgundy eyeshadow that has pink and violet duo chrome glitters on top. When I swatched this I could not get over how beautiful the duo chrome glittered when moving my arm around. And this shade is super soft and buttery! I can't believe that today was the first day I ever touched it, I need to use it asap.

The next shade I purchased with Nillionire way back when. This is the ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow in Hustle. Hustle is a matte shade that is burgundy violet and super pretty. I used this for the first time a few weeks ago and I really loved the look I came up  with that day so I definitely have to use it more often. This one needs a little extra blending which seems to be the case with the matte ColourPop shades but the color payoff is worth it for sure. 

The ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow in Central Perk was another one of those 90's shades that I had to have. This shade is a dark, maroon burgundy that is super pretty. Plus it's called Central Perk, I mean come on! This shade is a matte and I found that I had to blend out the swatch a little bit more just like Hustle. It's almost as if this formula is a little drier so you need to work it a little more, but the shades themselves are awesome. 

Next is the ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow in Boy Band and this is the one that came out of left field and blew my mind. Again, this is another that I still had brand-new and once I swatched it, I could kick myself for letting this gem sit there for months untouched. Boy Band is the most stunning bronzy copper shade, that I might have ever seen. It is so incredibly pigmented, super buttery soft and it's just going to make for the most amazing eye look ever! It's weird because I'm always looking for that perfect bronzy shade, and for about six months I have had this in my collection without even knowing it.

I ordered the ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadow in Coconut as soon as it launched. I don't even remember what collection it was in, I just remember that I logged in order some of their lipsticks and had to throw this one eyeshadow in the mix because I fell in love with it the minute I first saw it on my screen. Coconut is a peacock teal shade that will blow you away, I found the formula to be exactly the same Boy Band, with that beautiful metallic, shimmer finish that has no chunky glitter and no fallout. These last two eyeshadows were definitely stand outs to me as I was taking these pictures to share with you guys. I also think these two would be absolutely stunning for a summer eye look , don't you think?

the swatches

ColourPop Super Shock Eyeshadows in:  Coconut, Boy Band, Central Perk, Hustle, Stereo, Nillionaire and Birthday Girl 

Using: Boyband and Central Perk. 

I think these swatches pretty much speak for themselves and the pictures are very true to what you will see in person. I absolutely love all of these eyeshadows and I can't believe that I've had some that were still new and a few that I've only used once or twice. Now that I've taken them out to share with you I've realized that I am missing out and will definitely be putting them into my daily rotation.

In the coming days and weeks I do have a 6-piece ColourPop collection that I purchased a few months ago to share with you as well as a few blushes and a bronzer. Plus I am super excited to be getting the order that I placed today very soo, hopefully. Did you place an order today with ColourPop and score your free Birthday Boy Super Shock Eyeshadow?

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