My Sephora VIB Sale Haul

So the semi-annual Sephora VIB happened  in April and today I finally have my haul to share with you. The Sephora VIB Sale is only a 15% off sale which really isn't that much when you think about it, however if you have a list of items that you're going to buy anyway it's a good time for you to save a little, especially considering that these are items that normally never go on sale.

Did I end up spending more than I had originally planned? Yes, of course. However one of my girls pitched in $50 (I messaged them requesting donations to the Sephora fund and only one of my kids replied) and my boyfriend purchased one of the smaller Kat Von D palettes.

The only item that is missing from this post is the Tarte Glam Goodies set which I have already gifted my daughter but I do have a review post here that you can check out. 

Something that was already in my shopping cart before the sale began was the new Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Palette. I'm such a big fan of this brand but when this collection released, I had told myself I was going to get none of it. But when I started seeing swatches for this particular palette, I was completely done for. Overall the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Palette is really affordable when compared to others that are really popular right now, so with the 15% off this was actually a really good deal. I haven't used it yet but hopefully I will have a full review on this blog very soon!

Something else that was definitely on the list before the sale began are the new Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Quads. I really and truly only planned on buying one of them, and was really torn between the Plum and Smoke. When my boyfriend told me that he would buy me Plum, I ordered Smoke and after seeing swatches on Instagram of Rust, I had to buy that as well. My reasoning for ordering three of these palettes versus the one I had planned is that I was getting 15% off. At least I can say that I am proud of myself for not breaking down and buying the fourth shade. And that's not due to the fact that I have great self-control, it's due to the fact that I don't like the shades in that one or else it would also be in this haul. 

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Quad in Plum

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Quad in Smoke

Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Quad in Rust

Two of the items that were not on my list beforehand are the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani lippies in Wonderland and Firebird. When this collection launched I had ordered myself two of the red shades but had always really wanted these other two shades. However at $18 a lipstick I was able to hold off because supposedly I've been trying not to spend too much (lies!). So it was a huge surprise to wake up one day and find out that the entire Urban Decay Gwen Stefani collection was on sale. I paid $10 and change each for these lippies after my VIB discount and I am thrilled to death that I now own the four lipsticks that I originally wanted. I haven't gotten to try these lipsticks yet but I do have a review and swatch post for Spiderweb and Rocksteady that I purchased originally for $18 apiece.

As the last days of the sale closed in I really wanted to take advantage and order myself a foundation, you have no idea how many foundations are on my wish list. I kept going back-and-forth telling myself that it was the best time to buy it so I could save the extra money but in the end sanity won out because I have so much open foundation right now. That's when I started looking at eyeshadow palettes and ended up picking the Kat Von D Interstellar palette. I own the Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette and have only used it once which is quite sad but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that even though warm tones are really pretty and I own a lot of them, in the end cooler tones are what I really enjoy. 

I've now used this pallet a few times and I can tell you that I am super happy that I purchased it. Not only is the formula of the shadows amazing, buttery, and super pigmented, the tones are those that I love to wear on a daily basis. If you are a fan of taupe, which seems to be like my number one shade, and you like purple and lavender, then I think you definitely need to take a look at this pallet. I'm not even sure that I had ever laid eyes on it before so I'm letting you know about the Kat Von D Interstellar Palette just in case you don't know about it either.

I knew that this limited-edition Kat Von D Everlasting Duo was coming out but I didn't think it was going to make it before the sale ended, so I was excited that it launched on the last morning. I have already done a review post on this set and I can tell you that I absolutely love it. Definitely check out my review because this item is still in stock. If you want it, now would be a great time to pick it up because it will be selling out. I know it. 

A very late entry into the haul is this last item which I purchased just hours before the sale ended. I was on Instagram when one of the ladies I follow said they were now available at Sephora and so I rushed and place a last-minute order. It's one of the brand-new Viseart Theory Palettes and the shade I picked up is Minx. These palettes are $45 which is pretty steep considering there are only six eyeshadows and the entire pallet is very small. However I have heard that they have no fall out and are incredibly pigmented so I think they're going to be worth it. I haven't even tried this one yet but already I want another shade for Mother's Day. 

This post has made me realize how behind I am on my reviews and how I have to get this stuff swatched and photographed for a post and for myself. Like how am I going to order another Viseart Theory Palette if I don't try the first one, right? I'm definitely putting this on the must-use list for this weekend.

So that's it guys, that is the end of my Sephora VIB Haul. I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I spent my money on. For now I am super happy with everything that I purchased and I definitely look forward to the next VIB Sale which is going to be in December. I am a VIB Rouge so for that sale I will be getting 20% off which is a little bit better than this time around. Thanks for stopping by, please look for some reviews in the coming week for some of these items.

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