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Wet n Wild Megalast Polish in Love Fest Spring Into The Wild Collection

I am giggling at these photos as I am writing my blog post because the application on my thumbnail really leaves a lot to be desired. I do my nails in the evening and since I didn't wear my eyeglasses, there's a few spots where the polish is not on all the way. I personally hate doing my nails, I say it all the time, it's just so time consuming! But we are finally down to the last of the three Spring Into The Wild Wet n Wild Megalast Polishes and it's more about showing you guys the color, not my great application of it. I am also really happy that my pinky nail is finally growing, I broke it two days after buying these polishes so I wasn't even going to do any of the posts, no one likes to see a broken nail, but again I realized it's more about sharing the collection, not my nails. As you can see my nails are not perfect, nor are my hands, and I apply polish in a rush. But I do my best to share some of these great shades with you all and I think that is what matters. 

Let's take a look at the last of the three Megalast polishes that I got from the Wet n Wild Spring Collection ok?

Love Fest is a very pretty, baby pink that like the rest of the collection is lovely. What I really enjoy about the Spring Into The Wild Collection as a whole is how none of the shades are neon pastel, which would have made them less wearable. Instead all the shades are softer, some like the lavender, are dusty and they are not aging. At my age not all nail polish shades work so I was really surprised when I wore each shade and found that they were softer shades that wouldn't look garish on my hands.

Of the three shades I tried out, Love Fest is the only one that I would consider sheer, and it is very sheer. I used three coats and then added a last one to really cover all of the ridges on my nails. I do think the finished look is very much worth the dry-time wait though because it is such a pretty color. 

The Wet n Wild Spring Into The Wild Collection includes four shades, two repeat shades and two new shades. I purchased only three having had already owned one and have shared them all: find posts for Layout in Lavender here and Kiss My Mints here. I am a fan of Wet n Wild polishes, they are my favorite and after trying this new collection I can say I really like all three of the shades. The 4th is actually a repeat of my favorite shade of all time Wear Skinny Jeans, so really I am a fan of the entire collection. For $1.99 I think these are a steal and recommend them all if you need some pastel shades in your collection. 

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