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Teeny-Tiny Sephora Haul

Sephora must miss me so bad. Even though I know that it looks like I haven't stopped shopping, in all actuallity I have cut down my spending to less than half what I usually do. Last month I grabbed a few drugstore items like the new Wet n Wild Spring Collection and some Milani items, but when it comes to high-end I have been incredibly conservative. In January I placed 5 Sephora orders, one a gift for my daughter, another a gift from my daughter to me, and three more that were probably mine. In February I only placed two orders: one was the Nars palette which I bought mostly with an Ebates payment and the other the Nars Skin Tint that I had to return because it refused to play nice with my old lady skin. As for Ulta, well they haven't seen an order from me since December. I AM SUCH A LIAR! I just looked in my account and I placed a $64 order i January. It was this haul HERE. OMG, I am so full of it.  Then there is my recent big purchase, the Mac Haul I did last week, that one really did hurt because it was a lot of money (to me anyways). 

And it's not that I don't want to place more orders, I simply cannot. Right now I am concentrating on paying off a lot of my credit debt and so I've had to live with small orders here and there and just living off of other peoples hauls. 

This haul was basically a Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick for Munkey's b-day, and a polish I got on clearance from the Formula X line. Then of course I had to grab some of those new March 100 point Sephora perks, and I always use a promo code for a freebie. 

Ah, the famous Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita. Everyone and their mama talks about this one. I have the duo set that Sephora sold last year and I must say that I really like this lippie. I got a second deluxe size in December in a Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip Kit and had given that to Munkey. She really loved it and used it non-stop so I knew that I wanted to get her a full-size for her birthday. 

I do have a post with swatches of Lolita and Lolita II coming later today if you would like to compare those two shades. 

This is the Formula X for Sephora Nail Color in Bonded 2 U. I got this on clearance for $5.25 which is a lot more than I usually pay for polish but I only have one other Formula X polish and really liked this muted gray purple. I love how the shade looks in the bottle and hope it looks just like that on. I am excited to wear this one. If all goes according to plan, I should have a swatch post up for this polish next week.

The Bite Beauty Amuse Rouche Lipsticks have been all the rage on social media. Influenster sent a ton out to influencers and they have been posting them like mad. Unfortunately, as lovely as the shades are I don't believe I will buying a full size. I love a high-end lipstick as much as the next girl but the highest I will ever pay is $22 because I know I will only wear each lipstick a few times, if that many. So the Bite Beauty Amuse Rouche lipsticks are beyond my reach, BUT I am super stoked to have a baby one to try out. As little as it is, I probably won't even finish this anyways so I won't sweat the full size. This shade is in Radish and is still available for 100 points at Sephora. 

The other Sephora 100 point perk that I picked up is this super fancey Marc Jacobs FineLiner in Blacquer. I ended up giving this to Munkey so I did not try it but since she loves the Marc Jacobs lipliner that she stole from me, well then I thought she would like this too. Truly the girls don't steal from me, I give them products here,  and Munkey might borrow an item. If she really likes something she borrowed I usually end up giving it to her. I'm not going to use any one product to the end, and many, many don't even get touched, so why hoard when someone else can really use it and enjoy. Right? 

I always use a promo code for a freebie when ordering from Sephora, that's one of my favorite things about Sephora. I've gotten tons and tons of really good freebies. This one was exciting but way too dark so I am saving them for China who is about 4 shades darker than I am. These are the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops. I'm going to break down one of these days and actually order some for myself. Until then, I will keep on lusting after them. 

So that was it for my teeny-tiny Sephora haul. Small but still it filled that Sephora void that's been killing me. You've no idea how hard it's been! But I know that dry spell will be ending soon because the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette is launching on the 17th. I will wait until at arrives at Sephora, but no longer than that. I must have that palette. 

How about you, how's your haul life going this March?

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  1. The lolita is on my wishlist but I forget every single time am at the mall