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Wet N Wild Spring 2016 Collection - Spring Into The Wild

Wet n Wild has released their spring collection which is called Spring Into The Wild. This collection features 4 Megalast polishes, 2 3-pan ColorIcons, 3 Geometric Highlighting Powders and 3 liquid liners. I skipped on the pastel liners (knowing that I would never wear them) and picked up the rest to share with you. I will have posts for each individual item with swatches but in this post I am sharing an overall look at the items I picked up. 

I am a big fan of the white Wet n Wild Limited Edition Packaging and felt super excited to be able to pick these items up to add to my collection.

The 4 Megalast polishes are beautiful pastel shades but it was kind of a bummer to see two repeats (the blue and pink shades originally released in the SilverLake Collection) in a four shade collection. True one of the shades happens to be a personal favorite of mine but when you're only releasing 4 shades in a collection, it would have been nice to get 4 brand new shades. 

The Geometric Highlighting Powders are really pretty but I still don't know if these are finishing powders or highlighters. These babies are priced at $5 a piece so I was really hoping they would be good. 

Sun Ceremony
Where The Dreamers Go
Desert Explorations

Just looking at the ColorIcons I knew that these would not be shades that I personally could wear, they are way too pastel and shimmery. However they are beautiful and I could not wait to see how they would swatch. 

The New Romantics
To In-Di-O I Go Go

I will be following up with an individual post for each of the products with swatches and my first impressions. I love Wet n Wild and was excited to see their spring line. I'm not big into wearing pastels but it is a very cute collection. Which of the items from the Wet n Wild Spring Into The Wild collection are you most excited for?

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