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Wet N Wild Au Naturel ColorIcon in Bare Necessities Swatches

A few weeks ago I shared with you a first look at these new Wet N Wild Au Naturel ColorIcons. In my first post I shared swatches and thoughts on the Nude Awakening Au Naturel ColorIcon and today I want to do the same with the second shade, Bare Necessities. These palettes are Walmart exclusives and are a measly $5.62 a piece. But do not be fooled by that price, Wet n Wild makes some of the best palettes from the drugstore and these are pretty great. Let's take a look at these 10-pan Wet N Wild ColorIcons and talk about this second shade shall we?

These Wet n Wild ColorIcon Palettes feature an assortment of matte, shimmer, sating and sparkle finishes. I enjoy the shades in the Nude Awakening more because those shades are more my cup of tea, but really both palettes offer a gorgeous array of shades. If you're a plum and pinks lover or more of a neutral fan, Wet n Wild has you covered, and really for the price, these are both worth picking up.

It's absolutely crazy to me that you can pick up BOTH of these palettes for under $12, what a steal!

the swatches

The shimmers in this palette are very nice, I only had a problem with the last shade (the black) which has large chunks of glitter and not a lot of pigment. But the gray and brown shades next to that are both really nice. I'm also really digging that 5th shade down a lot.

Upon wearing I found the eyeshadows easy to blend and nicely pigmented. I got a tiny bit of fall-out but I am always very gentle with shadows and dip my brush in slowly and gently. The staying power was for about 6 hours until I took it off and overall I was very happy with the look I got. 

Here is a comparison of both the Wet n Wild Au Naturel ColorIcons in Nude Awakening and Bare Necessities. 

I hope this post has helped you find out more about these two new palettes from Wet n Wild. I am a huge Wet n Wild fan and I was so excited to get my hands on these. I own a lot of higher end palettes and sure, these drugstore ones will never compare in quality, but I have such a love for affordable and accessible makeup. That's why on this blog you will always see more drugstore than high-end. I like these two palettes a lot, and I think they are worth buying if you like drugstore makeup. My favorite of the two is Nude Awakening but I would suggest getting both so you can really have a more varied selection of shades for more looks. At this low price, why the heck not?


  1. I almost picked them up yesterday and now I wish they did.

    1. Since you have so much high end these might not be for you. But I do think they are a great affordable item.