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#MorpheMe February Brush Club Delivery & Review

This is the second month that I have been a member of the #MorpheMe Monthly Brush Club and so far I am totally happy with this monthly subscription. #MorpheMe is a Morphe Brushes and LiveGlam subscription that is $19.99 per month for $30+ worth of brushes. This subscription service is very new, it's only been around since December and it's a pretty hot ticket because there is no other service like it. 

In January we received a selection of 8 brushes (see my January post here) and for February we got 7 of them, which is fantastic because I didn't own too many eye brushes and now my collection is growing nicely. I definitely recommend this subscription to anyone who is need of good brushes: maybe your collection is not massive or maybe you've never tried Morphe Brushes, or maybe you just need more makeup brushes in your life. Either way, I think it's a great deal. I never order from the Morphe site because their shipping is expensive and the store isn't exactly close (been there once and it's a tiny slice of heaven), so this is very convenient for sure. 

 Let's check out the #MorpheMe February Monthly Brush Club delivery shall we?

M495 Duo Deluxe Fan
M333 Chisel Shader
M334 Mini Angled Buffer
M200 Deluxe Crease
M224 Oval Camouflage
M169 Round Crease Brush
M165 Angled Liner Brush

I like all of these brushes and have found uses for all. As of now that's the case with all of the brushes from both months. Which is great. I have a 4-brush collection from Sonia Kashuk that has one brush that I've never been able to use. No one needs brushes like that, and that's why I am so happy with the selection that has arrived so far from #MorpheMe.

I don't want to overdo photos on this post so let me share with you my two fave brushes from the February delivery. 

Of course your eyes are going to immediately go to the M495 Deluxe Fan brush. This guy is MASSIVE! And it's beautiful! I did not already own a fan brush of any sort, so to now own a $9.99 Morphe fan brush is pretty stinking exciting. I have only used it once, that's because I don't wear highlighter on most days, but it does it's job let me tell ya. With it's massive size, it's quite the eye catcher and looks pretty darn sexy in my brush collection!

The biggest standout for me has got to be the M334 Mini Angled Buffer. I have used this every day since getting it. First of all, it's super soft, but really all of their brushes are soft. But it's the multi-uses of it and the way that it works that have hooked me solid!

The M334 is perfect for blending concealer or for setting concealer. It's size and shape is perfect for under the eyes. However, I already use the M176 that we got in last months delivery for concealer (that is SO perfect for that and was my favorite brush from January) so I wanted to give this another use. I have found that this is perfect for giving me a tight and super precise contour on my cheekbones and nose. I first lay the contour on my cheekbones with it and then I turn it to the side and it blends it out so flawlessly. It's also the perfect size for getting that contour in the nose, I was really struggling with that and had jacked up nose contour before getting this brush. Now the nose contour is on FLEEK. 

I love this brush so much that I am already planning a trip to the Morphe Brushes store to pick up another for setting concealer and a few extras just to have as back-ups. You know a product is thebomb.com when you immediately need a back up right?

So there you go guys, this was my February #MorpheMe delivery and as you can see I am super happy with this monthly service. I have done them all...all the monthly beauty boxes, and so far this is my favorite!  I can't wait to see what we get in March!!

January #MorpheMe Delivery

February #MorpheMe Delivery

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