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1st Impression : Wet n Wild ColorIcon Palette in Comfort Zone

It's no secret that Wet n Wild is my favorite drugstore brand, today I want to share a new-to-me palette that has completely blown me away. I purchased the Wet n Wild ColorIcon Palette in Comfort Zone a few months ago during Rite Aid's 40% off sale, so I paid three dollars and change for this baby (quite the deal eh?). The regular price of Wet n Wild 8-pan ColorIcon Palettes is only $5 to begin with, which is an amazing price point.   

In the past few weeks as part of my #ShopMyStash2016 Challenge, I have been pulling out my make up to try to get as much use of items I don't use often or of the many brand-new pallets that I own. This drugstore pallet is definitely competing with some of the mid-range ones I've tried these last weeks. The formula of these eyeshadows is very soft and creamy which seems to go really well with my drier eyelids. Palettes  like in the ABH ones haven't done as well for me because I'm finding their formula to be much drier, and not only do they give me a ton of fall-out but they don't look that great on my lid and they crease. On the other hand, my Makeup Forever Artist 1 Palette is a dream! 

Eyeshadow hasn't always been my thing and I'm just starting to learn how to apply it and getting into different brands. So far I'm having a lot of fun comparing different formulas and really playing with eyeshadows so that I could find which ones will work for me best in the end. These are my thoughts on the Comfort Zone Palette. 

If there is one gripe that I have with Wet n Wild, it would be that some of the packaging is "too" cheapie. Anyone remember the .99 lipsticks that launched early 2015? Amazing lipsticks but packaging so bad and so breakable.  The 8-pan palettes are not as bad, they do look rather cheapie but it's something you get used to and I like the way you can see the shades inside. I have six 8-pan palettes (3 from the limited edition Venice Beach collection which are white). 

The color selection in the Comfort Zone palette is fantastic- you have a column of gorgeous shimmer neutrals and on the other side a bit of color to make it fun. All 8 shades are shimmer which is probably the only real con of this palette for most. 

I wore this pallet yesterday and I was incredibly impressed with how soft, creamy and easy to blend these eyeshadows were and how little fall-out I got.

For someone like myself who isn't as experienced with eyeshadow application the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette is marked so you know where to apply each shade. It's sort of like a "shadows for dummies" palette if you will. Of course you don't have to follow the guide and use the shades however you like.


Again these swatches appear a little lighter than they are in person because I use very bright natural light and I dipped my finger ever so lightly into each shade. I've seen many reviews online where these first four shadows are a lot stronger so you can definitely build them up a lot more than you see here.

The four shades on the bottom are absolutely incredible, I cannot believe how much pigmentation came off of each one! The duo-chrome color (brown/blue green) in the corner is absolutely amazing as well. I had to actually make sure that I had not grabbed the wrong color off the pan.

Overall my first impression of the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette is that's it's a must-have in any beauty lovers stash. At only five dollars you can use this pallet for complete looks or just to grab a few of the shades here and there. 

I'm slowly going through my stash so I probably won't get back to this palette  for a few weeks but I really can't wait to use it a few more times so I can start experimenting with looks. 

Affordable, beautiful shades and incredible pigmentation on a soft-creamy formula, what else could you want in an eyeshadow palette?

I would love to know your thoughts on this or any other Wet n Wild palette. 

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  1. These colors are lovely! I also don't care for the ABH shadows.