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L'oreal LaPalette Nude 2 Thoughts & Swatches

The L'oreal LaPalette Nude 2 is not new, I have had these pictures since I purchased both LaPalette palettes as soon as they launched. This is one of those posts that's been sitting in my camera waiting for the day that I would have time to post. So here we go, because this IS a fantastic palette that you need to know about if you are a drugstore makeup lover. 

The L'oreal LaPalette Nude 2 is the first of the two LaPalette's that I purchased and it was because of these shades. Looking at it last night I realized that this is going to be a perfect palette for fall, I so love those browns and mauve shades and the mix of mattes, shimmery and satin finishes. I know mattes are what everyone goes for, but I really am such a fan of satin and shimmers so I love the mix of all three in this one palette with such a stunning array of shades.

These pallets as well as the Maybelline Blushed Palette where the first ones I purchased. Before that I only owned a few shadows. So I can't compare the quality of this palette with any Naked Urban Decay palettes or other high end. Either way I am sure that quality wise they are not even close, high-end is high-end for a reason. But for a drugstore palette I think this is definitely worth the $15.99. The shades are quite pigmented and they are buttery soft and have great staying power. You can come up with so many looks with this one palette and even if you do pay the higher than average drugstore price of $15.99, you are getting a bang for your buck. I got mine during the Rite Aid 40% off L'oreal sale and paid $11.99 for each, a freaking bargain. 

the swatches

Full disclosure for these swatches; underneath them there is a very light layer of Maybelline Dream Wonder. But I have seen many swatches for them and they are all just as pigmented, the shadows really are great quality. And those shades are just gorgeous, I love each one except perhaps the first but only because it's the lightest. I was actually wowing the entire time I swatched this because each shade is just so beautiful. 

I'm so in love with the mauve and berry/plum shades. And the ones that really make my heart pitter patter are the shimmer. God I love me some shimma!

So these are MY thoughts on The L'oreal Palette Nude 2. I love this palette and I need to use it more often because it's been sort of shoved away. It's going to be super for the entire fall season and I seriously think it's worth buying. Look for a sale, they always have them, and grab one for yourself or as a gift. I would definitely repurchase it or give one to my girls if I were to find it on sale.

What do you think about this palette, is it a yes or a no in your book?


  1. Ok, so I really need this in my life! It's soon pretty!

  2. I love your swatches which gives an idea how it may look with my skin type but I leaning more towards Maybelline eye palettes!! Enjoyed the LOreal review!