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Flower Beauty Quad in Eye-Sea-You

Today I have a real treat for you. It's more of a first impression because I have yet to try this on my eyes, but it's so pretty that I want to share it with you all ASAP. This is the Flower Beauty Eyeshadow Quad in Eye-Sea-You. This costs $9.99 at Walmart (exclusive) which is affordable for such a beautiful shadow quad, while still being on the pricier end of drugstore makeup. I had never bought a Flower Beauty item before this because even though so many of their items look amazing, I tend to stick to the more affordable drugstore brands. But it was time to bring a little Flower Beauty into my life and after stalking this pallet for 2 MONTHS, I finally grabbed it a few nights ago. And by stalking this pallet I literally mean stalking, every time I went in I would go look at it for a few minutes, hold it, wonder if I should get it and finally put it back only to come back to it again. Why is it so hard for me to spend $10 on eyeshadows at Walmart and so easy for me to spend $55 on a high-end foundation, am I the only one this happens to?

Okay so let's get on with this first impressions review. First off let's start by presentation, this packaging is elegant and beautiful. I love the cream packaging with the rose gold detailing and I really like how this has a magnetic closure which ensures it's closed nice and tight. For sure Flower Beauty has mastered the art of amazing packaging, their entire line gets an A+ from me in regards to their presentation.  Now let's look at this beauty...

How stinking gorgeous is this quad? The color combination is what sucked me in the day that I first saw it. I loved that teal, the brown and the yellow and could totally see me coming up with a few really beautiful looks using those.

Okay so the swatches:
The white shade is very opaque and also it went on super smooth
The yellow shade as you can see is powdery, not sure if my fingers were moist or what lead it to be so powdery but you can actually see it on the picture. I'm hoping this is not a problem when I use it because this is one of the shades I love.
The teal shade is gorgeous, went on smooth, even and quite pigmented. I am going to try this on my waterline where I think it will look fab.
The brown is one of the most perfect, rich brown shades I have ever seen. It swatched like a dream and it is definitely the star of the quad. 

the swatches

As of the moment I posted this I still have not tried these on my eyes so I can not tell you what the wear time will be. I have read a few reviews that say the pigmentation wears off pretty fast so that's disappointing. But what I will do is that once I try it, I will post an update below and hopefully include a photo. It's such beautiful quad that I would hate for it to be less than stellar but we will see. For now I would love to know if you have tried Flower Beauty products from Walmart before and if so what your favorite is. 

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